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Karim W.
Egypt, Cairo
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I am a seasoned growth marketer with years of experience growing different kinds of businesses internationally and in essence, this is what he is great at. He has managed teams of different sizes, scopes, and functions. I can be associated with problem solving, seeking continuous improvement, and obsessing over efficiency. I works best with big picture view. This is a fluid session - meaning - he’ll take questions as you go through out the call.

Benefits of the service:

  • Revised Strategy & Tactics
  • Clear Business & Marketing Direction 
  • Growth Bottleneck Resolution
  • Follow-up on Execution 

What you need to get started:

  • Send the company profile and media 
  • Any current strategies / plans in motion
  • Analytics Dashboard should be ready 
  • Brief Problem Statement
My track record has 10X revenue for several companies with Stllr and traditional consulting, and I am excited to assist you. Jump on a call with Karim to get started!

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