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Customized Growth Strategy in 30 Days

Hi, I'm Karim 

As a growth marketing consultant, I think of what I do as a Swiss knife. My 9 years of experience were focused on Content, SEO, Ads, Product, Strategy, Growth. My non-marketing experience is in Operations, Project Management, Service & Business Management, plus Business Development. To summarize, a Swiss knife.

I've used this cumulative knowledge to operate in over 120 countries with over 60 brands.You will find the most interesting ones in case studies in my Portfolio section on Stllr.

Today I want to help refine your strategy. That's it. 

Typically, this results in increased revenue or a lower cost.Scenarios differ. 

Here's how we'll get started:

We schedule a conversation, and you send me any links you want about your business. I will do business analysis from my end and bring up some questions to discuss. We move to your current growth state and current resources. Next up, we hold quick conversations with the relevant team members to create a realistic yet ambitious roadmap, which becomes your growth strategy later. At that point, your team can be onboarded for a strategy they contributed to (in our meetings) to achieve the best possible productivity level in execution. 

This is a breakdown of my portfolio:

80% B2B – 20% B2C


50% are startups, 30% are SMEs, and 20% are enterprises.


40% SaaS

30% is devoted to e-commerce and marketplaces.

20% Education

10% Service Industry (finance, medicine, and sourcing)


What you win:

  • Customized strategy and execution plan
  • Recommendations for quick wins and forecasting
  • Team mentorship & motivation to achieve plans
  • Smooth handover for your team to take it from there

How long does this take? 

No more than 30 working days.


My track record has generated 10X revenue for several companies with Stllr and traditional consulting, and I am excited to assist you.
Jump on a call with Karim to get started!

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