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SEO Consultation for Organic Growth

I will provide SEO consultation for your business organic growth

I will provide an Expert SEO consultant and give advice on a video call on Zoom (or any other tool you prefer) for 1 Hour and we will discuss SEO strategies for your website


You might have questions like:


  • How often should I publish blog posts?
  • How to solve a specific SEO technical issue?
  • Do I need backlinks for the ranking in google? 
  • Which type of keywords are used by my competitors?
  • How do I Rank #1 On Google and gain website Traffic?
  • What is the best way to apply schemas and meta stuff?
  • How do I Install Google analytics and track the Audience?


This service will get you:

1. A 1-on-1 online video call with an SEO consultation for ideas and opportunities to be considered

2. Tips and advice based on my experience about how to increase your website SEO performance 

3. Somebody you can trust to ask questions and get answered based on proven record not marketing hypothesis


We can talk about Website (blogs/videos/ Images), keywords, rankings Factors, indexing Factors, Website competitor's analysis, Google Search Console, GMB, backlinks, Ahrefs, Semrush, Yoast, Geo Tags
What you'll get is a list of actionable steps that you can implement immediately that will help you not feel confused or stuck any longer after talking to me. You'll have clarity about what you should do and what you should expect. 
Click on chat to talk with me directly. Le's talk!  

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