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Google Ads Campaign Audit

Google ads campaign audit with recommendations

Aren't you getting the expected results from your current Google Ads campaign?
Do you want someone to check the efficiency of your campaign and suggest steps to improve it?

Well, I will deep dive into your campaign statistics and analyze its performance. Since I am basically an engineer, I will use my strong analytical skills to put my hands on the weak points and find out new growth opportunities. 

I will check the following aspects:
* Campaign stucture & settings
* Conversion tracking 
* Keywords' performance, search terms and negative keywords
* Ad copy & ad extensions
* Device & location performance
* Landing page relevance

I will provide you with a thoughtful audit report that include my findings along with recommendations on how we can improve the performance of your campaign. 

Note: The audit report does not include specific details of every minor change that should be made such as individual keyword or bid changes but it will tell you where the issues are and how to fix them.

I am Google Ads certified and have carried out many lead generation campaigns for clients in various sectors.

Audit time and fees depends on the size of the campaign. Let us talk to discuss the details and prepare a custom offer accordingly.

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