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Perfect for seasonal campaigns, managing multiple clients, or creating authentic content, Credit Market is a flexible, fast, and reliable solution.

User Generated Content

Get video content for as low as 250 SAR in less than 5 clicks

باقة يوجيسي برو - عام
باقة يوجيسي برو - عام
باقة التخفيض لعروض رمضان 250 - شاملة
باقة يوجيسي على كيفك - عام
باقة يوجيسي - عام

Go beyond influencer marketing and Leverage content effectively

Get a steady flow of high-quality UGC ad creatives every month
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باقة يوجيسي على كيفك - عام
باقة يوجيسي ستار
باقة يوجيسي برو - عام
باقة يوجيسي خاصة بشركة فليكستوك
باقة يوجيسي على كيفك - عام
باقة يوجيسي - عام

Why Choose Our Credit Market

Pay once, Get UGC all year round
Diverse network of Saudi local UGC creators with a variety in age, city, and backgrounds.
Our team has high ownership and commitment, ensuring timely video delivery.
Order an unlimited number of UGC videos with no limits and no extra hidden fees, at scale.
360 Campaigns
Include media buying for full launch campaigns. Request UGC Enterprise treatment Get in touch.

One stop-shop for creator partnerships

From creator content to creator ads. From sourcing to payments. All here in one platform.

How It Works?
1. Explore Gallery
Seeking inspiration and insights? Explore the multifaceted work of our creators across various niches and industries Imagine the possibilities!
2. Create a brief
3. Discover our scriptwriter


4. Receive your content

Credit Market Features

Do it yourself checkout for UGC videos
Credit System
Flexible payment options with credits starting at 400 SAR. Pay now, use later, and manage your budget effectively.
Our AI will generate script for quick and easy content creation. It smartly uses your brief as one of its many inputs.
Creators For You
Automatically get matched with the best creators for your specific needs based on the brief added to the campaign.
Escrow Protection
Secure payment system that holds funds until video delivery, ensuring trust and reliability between all parties.

Customer testimonials

May God bless you. The experience was very beautiful and honestly exceeded our expectations. We thank the content creator and her professionalism.
Ahmed Sidam
Ameen Care
Excellent service and we will repeat the experience again.
Yasser Rais
Mamoon Store
The team is making great progress and the performance improving every month. Please make sure they are complemented and rewarded from your side and I’ll make sure to do this from my side as well. Thanks a lot.
Mohamed Meligy

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