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SEO Data-Driven Website Quality Analysis

The goal of this analysis is to understand the value of every page on your website and make a decision about what to do with it.

What does the analysis do, exactly?

  1. Gets a full crawl (i.e. list) of every page on your website.
  2. Crosswalks each page on your website with vital SEO data.
  3. Analyzes the performance of each page on your website (in regards to “quality”)
  4. Analyzes the “value” of each page on your website, both to search engines and users.
  5. Helps you make a decision about what action to take with every page on your website.

Further Reading:

Search engines send traffic to websites they deem as “high quality”. That means a few things:

  • Sites that are coded and structured according to their webmaster guidelines.
  • Sites that are “popular”, aka getting mentioned across the web (i.e. on blogs, social media, forums, press sites, etc).
  • Sites that make Google searchers happy by providing content that matches their search. “Searcher satisfaction” is quickly becoming an important ranking factor, as Google’s #1 priority is to keep using Google as their primary search engine. This only happens if they serve the right results, the first time.

If your website has a lot of crap pages that don’t generate searcher engagement, it can cause Google to lose trust in your website. This can result in decreased crawling, indexation and rankings.

It’s important that we audit your site to find pages that may be deemed as low quality to both searchers and search engines and make a decision on how to handle this content.

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