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Investor Pitch Deck for Tech Business

I will build an investor pitch deck for your tech business


Pitch decks and PowerPoint presentations are extremely important to your business. These items provide a visual representation of your brand, that conveys its history, illustrates its purpose and --- most importantly--- visualizes your plans for its future.


I will create visuals for you that will enhance your brand perception and identity. This includes infographics, data charts and engaging visual elements. I will work with you to ensure that the final presentation is consistent and aligned with any and all existing logotype, fonts, colors, website design and branded documents.



This package offers only presentation design only. You will need to provide me with all copy, relevant data and information that needs to be included.

Recommended pages:

  1. Logo & Elevator Pitch
  2. Problem
  3. Solution
  4. How the Business Works
  5. Traction
  6. Business Model
  7. Competition
  8. Market Opportunity
  9. Revenue Projections or go-to-market strategy (optional)
  10. Team

Note: Also, it's available if you have any other recommendations based on your business nature.


Please let's talk before you buy this packages if you have any customization requests. Let's talk!

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