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Rocking Google AdWords Ads Campaign

I will rock your google adwords ads campaign

About the package provider: 

Specialties Microsoft Office, Google Adwords, Digital Media Planning (Facebook Marketing), SEO/SEM Campaigns & On page optimization. Proven Experience in building Brands online Presence with different media platforms on social media. A proactive approach to leading projects by leveraging digital resources effectively. Key Areas of interest are: Consumer Psychology, Social Marketing, Business Development Strategy, Product development


About the packages

Google AdWords campaign can bring great results if managed properly, small changes make big changes in ROI. (return on investment).

Services Include:

  • Keywords Research
  • Campaign Creation
  • Ads Creation
  • Ads Groups Creation
  • Extensions Creation
  • CTR Optimization


How does the process work?

We make the initial call for discussing the campaign, its goals, and its current status. You provide us access to an AdWords account and we start campaign creation and optimization.



  • Campaign Performance Report
  • Summary of Actions done by us
  • Month Summary Call


I am excited to help your business grow through google ads with optimized SEO content. Let's start chatting today!

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