How It All Started?

Stllr Network, a network of invite-only freelancers, who create and manage their own teams.

We created a cohesive network where freelancers can work, teach, learn and collaborate on brand campaigns and projects. Over 1,000 joined our network to access amazing projects, join a community and upskill their experience. With our model, teams can reduce agency costs by 36% and still maintain top quality. We also ensure cohesiveness with an already connected team of “people you know.“ We began the network with growth marketing and after that, through invites, freelancers ballooned it to marketing, design, content, and TikTok teams.

How Diverse We Are

A Melting Pot of Brilliant Minds

What We've Achieved

Stllr Network Milestones

Our Community Influence

The Stllr Academy Impact

Our Community Influence

The Stllr Academy Impact

The Stllr Academy is a reflection of our very core goal: to create a network where freelancers learn from each other and collaborate together on different projects. Ever since we began introducing our free webinars about a variety of marketing-related topics, people have expressed great interest and willingness to learn.

As with any community, many inspiring stories come up. One time, the wife of a physical therapy center owner signed up with their daughter for 3+ courses to support the center’s marketing efforts for more exposure. They want to understand more about branding and marketing. The mother is in her forties so this makes her the oldest Stllr Academy graduate. Welcome aboard!

We are touched that people see the real value behind our courses and go the extra mile to become part of this learning experience. Among the attendees, we’ve had people come all the way from other governorates such as Alexandria, Tanta, and Beni Suef to attend the offline courses.

Our community has witnessed significant growth since its formation. We’ve seen business owners who attended the courses come together and form their own niche communities within our larger one to help and support each other throughout their journeys.

And the ripple effect continues.