Muhammad E.

Giza, Egypt
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    Role Title
    Co-founder & CMO

     Start Date    Aug 1, 2014

     End Date      Feb 28, 2015

                   Famspot is an online talent platform that allows talented, unknown people to
                   spread their talents and market it by ratings and comments.

                   As the startup CMO, I was responsible for:-

                   - Planning and optimizing the marketing strategy.

                   - Leading the marketing team (4 persons).

                   - Planning for events, organizing them with the team, and covering them on our
                   social media channels.

                   Best Accomplishments:-

                   - Reaching the semi-finals stage at Injaz Egypt startups competition Startup Egypt.

                   - Winning first place in an annual competition between mobile apps at the
                   American University in Cairo (AUC) called “Spring Day”.

    Tahrir Academy ‫أكاديمية التحرير‬
    Role Title
    Social Media Intern

     Start Date    Apr 1, 2015
 End Date      Jun 30, 2015


               - Planning and executing the social media strategy, reporting the results and
               comparing them with the set before OKR(s), and acting upon them.

               - Managing the day-to-day responding, content creation, and engaging with our
               online community.

               - Executing the development plan that was set for me by self-learning, and
               applying what I learn to my ongoing work.

               - Being responsible for our most important annual project on social media (High
               School annual exams preparation), and acting as its Project Manager by assigning
               tasks to overall team members, following up on them, and reporting the results.


               - On social media: Managing to grow our main social media channel metrics to
               more than (500%) after 2 months of working with the marketing team (2 persons).

               - At the company overall: Winning 1st place at MIT Arab Startup Competition in
               the social entrepreneurship track.

Role Title
Growth Marketer Intern

 Start Date    Oct 1, 2016

 End Date      Dec 31, 2016


               - Acquiring new leads and working on the sales funnel from the bottom up.

               - Creating growth marketing content, from blog posts to social media content and
               sales emails.

               - Managing and growing Instabug's social media presence on all its social

               - Keeping an eye on the product development, and helping to make Instabug as
               easy to use, reliable, bug-free, and fast as possible.

               Accomplishments: On growth:-

               - Developing a series of guides that turned its benefits on the user conversion

               - Helping maintain the very high MoM (month-over-month) growth rate (double
               digits XX%).
Role Title
Product Marketing Executive

 Start Date    Mar 1, 2017

 End Date      Aug 31, 2017

               As the company's Product Marketing Executive, I am responsible for building its
               product with the product team and marketing & growing them. By owning the
               inbound activities and presenting the products in ways that strengthen its
               messaging & positioning and boost sales. My goal is to maximize the products'
               conversions to drive product adoption and features usage through content
               marketing and inbound strategies. 

               Key Responsibilities:-

               - Optimizing the products with the product team from a product marketing
               perspective and launching them into the market.

               - Working with the product team and cross-functional teams (Data Science,
               Engineering, Sales, Customer Success) to implement product-centered user
               acquisition strategies.

               - Creating product marketing content focused on our products, their new models,
               and related industry trends.

               - Crafting appealing positioning and messaging across our marketing channels.

               - Testing new product features to help drive product development and launching
               them into the market.

               - Evaluating projects using relevant KPIs and feedback from current and potential


               - Launching the 2nd and more stable version of the company's main product
               (InstaScaler), and its following most important feature.

               - Helping to obtain a very high MoM (month-over-month) growth rate for this main
               product (triple digits XXX%) after launching.

Role Title
Product & Growth Marketer

 Start Date    Apr 1, 2018

 End Date      Dec 31, 2018

             As the company's Product & Growth Marketer, I'm responsible for building its
             product(s) with the product team and launching them into the market and starting
             to grow them since then.

             Key responsibilities:-

             - Being responsible for all of the product & growth marketing efforts by working
             hand-in-hand with the product team to build the new version of the platform with
             world-class standards in the features and creating its value propositions and
             market positioning.

             - Acting as the company’s website Product Manager, responsible for it in every

             - Planning and strategizing for long-term product & growth marketing
             opportunities, and mentoring a team of interns (3 persons) to learn and assist in
             the team’s activities.

             - Creating all the needed product & growth marketing materials and product
             launches checklists.

             - Presenting the product in beneficial events for brand awareness and sales

             - Contributing to other types of growth (team growth, brand growth, company
             growth, ...) by taking part in internal & external events in different roles to grow the
             company overall.

             Accomplishments: On growth:

             - Developing the new version of the platform with the product team and softly
             launching it successfully in early access, exceeding some of the industry averages
             (+21% email open rate, +3% email click rate), and starting gaining paid traction
             since the early access period.

             - Conducting a workshop at RiseUp Summit '18 successfully with the company's
             CPO to promote the company's platform, which returned its benefits both on the
             acquisition and hiring sides.

             - Shaping the company’s internship program successfully with the people
             operations and promoting it to be one of the best in its year and bring back its
             benefits in hiring for the company.

             At the company overall:-

             - Winning the MIT Arab Startup Competition 2nd place in the startups' track.

             - Winning Gitex Future Stars startups' competition as The Best AI Startup among
             startups from all over the globe.

Role Title
Senior Product & Growth Marketer (Acting as Marketing Lead)
 Start Date    Jan 1, 2019

 End Date      Dec 31, 2021

               As the company's Senior Product & Growth Marketer (Acting as Marketing Lead),
               I'm responsible for leading its overall marketing strategy and maximizing user
               traction, while ensuring product adoption and brand consistency & positioning.

               Key responsibilities:-

               - Leading all of the marketing efforts and managing cross-functional marketing
               projects with other teams. In addition to contributing heavily to other types of
               marketing (team & company overall).

               - Working with the product team to prioritize the products’ roadmaps from time to
               time, and handling all of the growth product management efforts with other teams.

               - Acting as the company’s website Product Manager, responsible for it in every

               - Working with senior management (C-level) on planning & strategizing the
               company's product & growth marketing opportunities, and reporting them to our
               group of investors.

               - Planning and supervising the implementation of all the current marketing
               projects, and contributing to implementing them with the team.

               - Leading the marketing team of employees and interns (2 persons), and cross-
               functional teams (based on the project up to 4 persons) in marketing-related

               - Presenting the company's main product & the company overall with the team in
               beneficial events & conferences for brand awareness and sales pushing.


               - Developing the new version of the company's main platform with the product
               team and launching it successfully into the market and exceeding some of the
               industry averages (+21% email open rate, +3% email click rate, +166% website
               traffic during Q2).

               - Working with senior management (C-Level) & potential investors to secure the
               company's Pre-Series A round of investment and the only one until now (six-figure

Role Title
Senior Marketing Executive - CRM & Retention (Freelance)

 Start Date    Jan 1, 2021

 End Date      Jan 1, 2021

               - Working on a regional basis with local marketing teams and country marketing
               managers to manage the CRM marketing and enhance product retention across.

               - Creating and owning a multi-channel, evolving marketing strategy based on
               product needs: email marketing, social media marketing, events/webinars,  ...etc.

               - Designing, launching, and optimizing initiatives across various channels that
               meet KPI objectives by getting our audience to take specific and measurable

               - Collaborating with Product and Customer Success teams to identify opportunities
               across all customer touch points.

               - Uncover and leverage new emerging channels to create new marketing

Bypa-ss (Owner of HealthTag)
Role Title
Product Marketing (Acting as Product Marketing Manager)

 Start Date    Aug 1, 2021

 End Date      Oct 31, 2021

               - Build products with the product team by supporting them from a marketing
               perspective by conducting market research, competitive analysis, and brand

               - Create products’ go-to-market strategies and positioning & messaging that sets
               them apart from others in the market and give them unique selling points.

               - Communicate the vision and value of the products to both the internal teams to
               drive sales enablement that facilitates the selling process and external

               - Plan & launch new products and features to the market across different teams.

               - Best-present the products both internally and externally to the press and PR.

               - Create product marketing content such as websites copy, launching posts, ...etc.

               - Manage Bypa-ss marketing channels plans, content strategies, and


               - Launched the mobile app of the company's main product (HealthTag)
               successfully into the market as a soft launch baring up to the industry averages.

               - Launched the new brand of the company's main product (HealthTag).

Multiple Startups, Incubators & Career Acceleration
Role Title
Product Marketing and Growth Marketing Executive, Mentor, and Trainer
Start Date    Sep 1, 2017

End Date      Current

              Working with multiple startups, incubators, and career acceleration programs on
              their product and growth marketing as their Product &/ Growth Marketing
              Lead/Manager, and to mentor &/ educate the incubators incubated startups or
              career acceleration students on product and growth marketing.

              - Startups include: Teradix, Al7arefa, Career Invokers & Seven Crafts.

              - Incubators & Programs include: Knowledge Officer Career Acceleration Program,
              Nile University Nilepreneurs group of incubators & Ain Shams's University iHub

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