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                                            Amr Mansour
                             Cairo | +2001010962692 | amrmo.mansour@gmail.com


I'm a skilled Growth & Performance Marketer with over 6 years of experience -especially in mobile apps- in
creating digital campaigns, acquisition & retention strategies across medical, tourism, IT, F&B, marketplaces,
and consumer electronics industries in the MENA region and Europe.

Throughout my career, I've built and executed many digital strategies, managed between USD 300K and 2M in
marketing budgets, delivered hundreds of online campaigns, and supervised many digital projects with a huge


Growth & Performance Marketing (Paid Social Media, Google Ads, and Mobile), Retention Strategies, Digital
Analytics, CRO, CRM, Marketing Automation (CleverTap, WebEngage, Customer.io, Intercom), Mobile Marketing,
Product Management, and ASO.


CRM & Organic Growth Manager                                                                Dec 2021 – Present
Storytel - MENA

Storytel is one of the world’s leading audiobook and ebook streaming services in more than 20 markets.

 Reporting to the Head of Middle East & Northern Africa & Marketing Manager - Currently responsible for
 CRM and organic growth across all MENA & North Africa markets.

Sr. Digital Marketing Analyst                                                          Dec 2020 – Nov 2021
Unilever - MENA
Unilever is one of the biggest FMCG companies in the world, producing world-leading brands including Lipton,
Knorr, Dove, Axe, Hellmann’s and Omo.

 Reporting to IT Manager – Digital Marketing & eComm, I’m currently responsible for creating high-quality
 reports using analytics tools such as (Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, and Power BI) to help business
 team to take the right decisions, main achievements include:

 ●   Analyzed data and made recommendations that led to increasing an average basket size by 7%, and
     saving USD100K on marketing spend.
 ●   Helped brand teams to build over 12 brand and e-commerce websites to increase brand awareness
     across the MENA region, acquiring over 500K visitors a month.
 ●   Serving as the main point of contact on all IT-related matters for 6 regional offices

Growth Hacker (part time)                                                                    Oct 2020 – Mar 2021
Elcoach - Egypt & KSA
ElCoach is a subscription-based fitness app that helps users to lead a healthier lifestyle through accessing
guided & customized physical exercising and nutrition plans.
I was part of the product growth team working on product development to increase retention, LTV,
activation & conversion rate.

 Main achievements include:
 ● Created A\B testing experiments across all the funnel stages (in app content, visuals and user flow
    messages) that increased conversions (by 3% MOM) Reduced Churn Rate by 5% By creating
    detailed product analytics reports containing in-app analytics, user interviews summaries that allowed
    us to prioritize our features and in-app communication
 ● Contributed on product roadmap, features planning and writing user stories that helped our tech team
    create high impact features.
 ● Performed market research and competitive analysis to identify the gap and what are the top features
    other apps rely on to convert, engage, and retain users. That helped us with building our roadmap,
    conducting customer surveys, and features planning.

Performance Marketing Lead                                                               Nov 2019 – Nov 2020
Wessel – Saudi Arabia
WSSEL is a leading B2C delivery mobile app in Saudi Arabia that helps its users order food, groceries and
medical supplies to their door steps.

I was leading Wessel’s performance marketing activities and managing a team of 3 performance marketers,
creatives and content creators to maximize our ROI, while owning the entire user funnel (AARRR), and all paid
& organic channels.

My responsibilities:
● ASO - analyze app stores to maintain app high ranking and monetize it for important & new keywords.
● CVM (Retention and Revenue) - analyzing data and calculate CVM to make sure our brand is on the right
● High-level marketing analytics and product reports and data visualization (Tableau, Google Analytics)

 Main achievements include:
● +40% Growth in monthly orders with the same marketing budget by optimizing performance marketing
   campaign across all channels, personalizing the user flow, and testing creatives
● +60% in organic acquisition in App stores through A/B testing app store descriptions, visuals and positive
   app reviews.
● Set Digital Marketing KPIs - identified the most important metrics and KPIs (monthly installs, cost per
   purchase, in-app engagement rate, & retention rate) to track growth. With over achieving with over 50% net
● Planned and managed performance marketing campaigns for user acquisition and retargeting across
   various channels (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Google, and Programmatic) to increase App installs,
   conversions, and engagement. Using Adjust or AppsFlyer to attribute.
● Decreased churn rate from 35% to 27% in 3 months by increasing in-app engagement with personalized
   messages using (Email, SMS, and Push notification using “Firebase & CleverTap”)

Sr. Growth Marketing                                                                     Dec 2018 – Oct 2019
Parent App – Egypt & Canada
Parent is a SAAS product for childcare centers and Preschools in Egypt. Gulf, Canada and Africa, which
helps in organizing daily tasks, class management for teachers and report students performance to
teachers & parents.

I was part of a growth team responsible for improving our users experience, increasing acquisition & building
online presence.
My responsibilities were:
● Plan, execute, manage, analyze user acquisition campaigns across channels including (Facebook, Twitter,
    and Google) and retargeting to increase App installs conversions and engagement
● CRM (Email, SMS, and Push notification) using Intercom to build relationships with the users and increase
    retention and engagement.

My achievements include:
● Decreased CAC by 20% by optimizing performance marketing budget to get the maximum ROI and A/B
   testing landing pages across paid channels such as (Facebook, Twitter, and Google Ads) then analyzing
   data to make the right decision.
● Increased ASO rankings using AppRadar, Google play, and App Store console, despite the hard
   competition for 3 months by A/B testing descriptions & visuals, and maintaining positive feedback and
● Set up analytics implementation and reporting dashboards using facebook pixel, google analytics, firebase
   and google tag manager.
● Increased organic traffic by 36% - by SEO planning and execution to maintain our blog rankings and
   optimizing content for users and search engines.

Sr. Digital Marketing Specialist                                                           Dec 2017 – Dec 2018
Andalusia Hospitals Group – Egypt & Gulf
Andalusia of the leading regional players in the healthcare provision space with 3 hospitals in Egypt and 5
in Saudi Arabia

Reporting to International Business Section Director - I was leading the digital marketing activities for the
international business section acquiring patients from Gulf, North & South Africa, and Egypt, and responsible for
generating leads, increasing engagement and conversion rate for surgeries and hospital clinics. Managing a
budget of $10K monthly.

Main achievements include:
● +20% revenue increase by optimizing performance marketing budget across channels, testing different ad
   copies and visuals, and maintaining high quality customer service in Egypt, Gulf, and North Africa using
   Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads.
● 70% increase in organic acquisition using content marketing doctors network
● Decrease CPL by 25% using Facebook ads A/B testing, lead generation techniques, and content marketing
● Set up analytics implementation and reporting dashboards using facebook pixel, google analytics and
   Google tag manager.
● Led CRO activities across the funnel and collaborated cross functional teams (content writers, creatives,
   operations, customer service, and developers)
● Created the content plan with content writers based on campaigns objectives and goals to personalize
   marketing messages
● Set marketing KPIs such as (number of leads, CAC, and engagement metrics) with 100% achievement.

Sr. Digital Marketing Specialist                                                        Apr 2017 – Dec 2017
Insanyah Tech – Egypt
Insanyah is a digital payment gateway that helps NGOs collect donations and provides high-level reports for
donors about their donations.

I was leading the digital marketing activities with a team of 3 marketers, a designer and software engineer to
increase user base and increase revenue.

Main achievements include:
● +20% organic traffic increase in one month using SEO techniques and content marketing
● 35% increase in the monthly subscription by optimizing performance marketing budget and targeting .
●   Building high performing marketing team (setting KPI’s, building healthy environment and learning targets)
●   40% sales increase with the same marketing budget for our clients by A/B testing different marketing
    channels, optimizing performance marketing budget and testing new targeting methods.
●   Set up analytics implementation and reporting dashboards using google analytics and google tag manager.

Growth Marketer                                                                         Dec 2017 – Mar 2017
Shezlong – Egypt
Shezlong is the leading mental care marketplace in the MENA region. Providing its users with high quality
mental consultation and therapy sessions

I was part of the growth team responsible for all the digital activities such as generating leads, increasing
sign-ups, retention and conversion rate. while owning the entire user funnel (AARRR), and all paid & organic

 Main achievements include:
● 35% increase in the monthly subscription using A/B testing across paid platforms (Facebook, Instagram,
   and Google) and creative ideas.
● Decrease CAC by 23% by optimizing performance marketing budget and targeting, personalized marketing
   messages, and content writing.
● Increase blog traffic by 30% by writing and planning user & SEO friendly content.
● Segmenting users/visitors according to website visits, session duration, events on-site, and use cases for
   better retargeting and personalized messaging. By that we increased the revenue by 5% MOM

Social Media Specialist                                                                 Aug 2014 – Aug 2015
School Of Marketing – Egypt
School of marketing is a leading social media marketing agency providing marketing solutions for clients
across the MENA region.

I was part of a small team responsible of creating content, community management and Facebook ads, main
achievements include:
● Writing high quality, educational and creative Arabic blog posts that drive traffic
● 35% increase in the monthly subscription using A/B testing and creative ideas
● Decrease CAC by 23% by optimizing performance marketing budget and targeting, personalized marketing
    messages, and content writing.

Ain Shams – Egypt                                                                                    Jun 2014
Bachelor of Law - Applied Law

Technical: Intermediate in SQL, data visualization (Tableau), CRM software (Intercom, CleverTap,HubSpot),
data analytics (MixPanel, Amplitude, Firebase, and Google Analytics)
Languages: Native: Arabic; Conversational Proficiency in English
Nationality: Egyptian
Interests: Powerlifting, Olympics lifting, Writing, and Diving

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