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Wafaa Khairy Elsaid Ibrahim


Email: **************


Address: Teraa naga hamaady street, building 5. flat7.Sohag, Egypt.


I'm a freelance journalist and writer with experience creating stories,

conducting interviews and writing about different topics, including, but not

limited to, women's issues and social and cultural topics. I'm also working in

communications; I've worked as a communications officer and community

manager as a freelancer and full-time. I'm a fast learner committed to

deadlines and reaching my target audience. I also work as a community

manager and communications officer, and I'm working as an editor too.

Work Experience:

Freelance Editor from Aug 2020 until now


- I'm editing and proofreading Arabic articles on the company's websites (

Brainberries and Her Beauty websites) before being published.
- I evaluate articles and write the pros and cons of every piece

- I also provide the content manager with ideas for the writers.

- I follow up on the website and what it looks like.

- I write tags, excerpts, and transcript the headline to suit google in every piece.

Freelance Journalist doing The following:

● Writing reports and features, conducting interviews and Researching

stories from different people about different topics related to young

Arabic people, like psychology, women's issues, the environment, trend

issues in the Arabic region and many other cases.

● Writing features, reports, and other journalistic pieces.

- ViceArabia: (December 2018 until now). The Arabic version of a global

Website targets youth from 18 to 40 years old.

- Raseef 22 (June 2021 March 2022 ). Platform interested in rights and liberal


- SekkaMag ( June 2020 Aug 2021). It's A khaleeji magazine that focuses on

the Gulf region and issues.

- Unilever Miraa (April 2019 - December 2020) Women platform.

- Khateera (September 2020). Feminist Platform.

Content Writer and Journalist At:
• Masaraat (RNW's project) (************** net/) from October 2019 until


● Researching topics, conducting interviews, and writing articles on

working rights and studying.

● In 2021, Masaraat, one of RNW's main projects, focuses on women's

rights at work.

● kwaca Ltd Company: (February 2018 to July 2019) writing SEO-friendly

content on different websites of this company, mainly on the Tes3a

website (**************.). I wrote about various fields, like

animals, women, youth, work, and many others.

● Ziid: (September 2018 to April 2019) I was working with Ziid website on

a project for 100 articles about food recipes, and I have written some

different topics too.

• Wego Flights (April 2019 - September 2019): writing tourism content like

blogs and articles about travelling and attractive places in different countries.

• NoonPost.com (October 2018 - August 2019): writing reports, movie

reviews, and opinion articles on different issues.

Freelance blogger/ writer/ translator

• Various clients

● Working on different projects for different clients.
● Work includes content writing, editing, translation, and paraphrasing in

English and Arabic.

● Topics vary but include women's issues, tourism, games, animals, and


Freelance Journalist At/ ( write articles on different aspects).

Almansa, Draraj, Mada Masr.

Sowt Podcast: (From August to October 2021)

I've worked with sowt as Assistant Producer for communications and outreach.

I was doing the following:

Preparing for Campaigns on Instagram, Youtube..etc. And following them up.

Making the outreach of the episodes, selecting a part of the script to be an

audiogram or making a good idea of a design for the post in addition to the


Publish posts for social media from Later and moderate these accounts.

I was creating smart links with chartable.

I was using Omny to collect the Analytics/numbers of the shows.

I was writing Press Releases, Blog posts, Social media and Linkedin posts.

I was moderating and Publishing on Sowt's website.

I was collecting outlets' contacts and data In addition to Influencers' names and
data for publishing PRLs and promotions.

I attended meetings with different outlets and companies for collaboration.

Related to the communications field, I can also use:

Google Analytics.

Google Search Console.

Meta suit business.

Google sheets, Docs, forms..etc.

Facebook and Twitter studios.

I Can use Slack and Trello, and other similar platforms.

Twitter Deck, Search My Bio, HaveIBeenPwned and too many tools.

Website Editor and Community Manager At Majarra (From March 2022 to


Create creative, engaging, and attractive posts for subjects related to Majarra.

Manage all social media channels For Majarra.

Create different strategies for each platform.

Perform research on current benchmark trends and audience preferences.

Leverage the right tools to manage content.

Use different social media management tools and software to ensure the best

strategy is executed, like Buffer and smarterqueue.
Manage and facilitate social media communities.

Research and reach out to partners, influencers, and affiliates to connect with

for campaigns.

Make an editorial calendar to manage content and plan specific, timely

marketing campaigns.

Work closely with the different teams.

Daily, weekly, and monthly detailed reporting on performance to be able to

evaluate strategy and make recommendations and the necessary changes.

Create engaging, tailored newsletters for the community.

Live coverage of events and conferences on social media when management

participates in any.

Market research and analysis for brand and partnership department new

product releases, such as podcasts, websites, marketing campaigns,

newsletters, etc.

Market research for new for-profit and non for profit partnerships with the

public and private sectors.

Communication with potential and current partners and preparing proposals

for partnerships and collaborations.

Editor for Majarra website:

Regularly update the website content in different sections in Arabic and

Manage the news section, including writing the news pieces, getting quotes

from different parties at Majarra and partners, editing news pieces, uploading

on the website, arranging necessary visuals, communicating with media, and

writing reports on media coverage.

Manage "Majarra Insights" blog from monthly planning for writers, doing

interviews, guest suggestions and selection, design process, and managing.

Community Manager for "Salamtak Themna" campaign: from 15 September

2022 to 15 October 2022.

● Salamtak Themna was an output for an incubator with Arij network for

Investigative Journalism and ECRF, which lasted for one year. We aimed

to inform journalists and workers in civil society of the importance of

taking care of their mental health and their struggles due to their work.

What I did was:

● Do research about the media outlets so we can collaborate with them (I

managed to publish with Human rights watch arabia, IJnet, Raseef22, Al

Nadeem centre…etc)

● Emailing every outlet and searching the availability to cooperate with

them and how.
● Sending them our materials and helping in editing every material to look

like every outlet's style.

● Preparing publishing schedule for content.

● Coordinating with the designer to make outreach for our pieces.

● Writing Captions for promoting the content with our partners of the


● Preparing a media tool kit for ARIJ and other partners to post about us.

● At the time of the campaign (from 9 to 11 October 2022), I was checking

the publishing of our content with every website and what was going on

with their communities.

● Making reports for the results of the campaign.

● Covering Bread and Net conference from 15 To 17 November In Beirut.

● Constructive Journalism Fellowship from Maharat foundation in

collaboration with DW Academy. From December 2022 to April 2023).

● Mentorship Program from Goethe Institute for 24 hours. From

November 2022 to Jan 2023.


● -Bachelor's degree in Education, English department, Sohag University

(2014 – 2018). I have studied Translation, Phonetics, Linguistics, Essay

writing, Poetry, Novel, Drama, and many other subjects.
● Scholarship founded by Qeyada Foundation sponsored by UnionGroup

From The American University In Cairo. I've finished the following:

1-Professional Certificate in Marketing (60 credit training Hours).

2-Soft Skills: Effective Planning skills, Goal setting, and result in focusing (12

training hours).

Emotional Intelligence and self-management (6 training hours).

Practical communication skills (6 training hours).

Presentation skills (12 training hours).

Business English (6 training hours).

● I've studied Digital Marketing Career Certificate/Diploma In the School of

Continuing Education At The American University In Cairo. I was a

scholarship student and was chosen among the best 30 students among

1331 Applicants. (September 2020, August 2021).


● Basics Of Digital Journalism At Ain Shams University. (Mars 2020).

● Radio Journalism Workshop At The Austrian Cultural Forum In Cairo

(February 2020).

● Two Translation Workshops From The Arab School for translation In

Egypt, In journalistic and religious translation. ( September 2017 and
April 2019).

● Feminist journalism workshop From Tadwin Center for Gender studies.

(December 2019).

● Two workshops From Tahrir Lounge Goethe in movie scriptwriting and

how to write a script for an educational video. (November- December


● Small Diplomas From Kamal Adham centre at the American University in

Cairo and Facebook to support journalists during paramedic: I've been

accepted into four programs:

● Ways of making sure of misleading Information and how to get to the (

March 2021) right information at the time of Covid19.

● Mobile Journalism. ( March 2021).

● How to improve your online audience. (June 2021).

● The ethics of working in the journalism field. (June 2021).

● Scientific journalism workshop Goethe Institute (March 2022).

● How To Make a podcast from CNN (April 2022).

● Searching for a journalistic story from Khatt 30 website (October 2022).

Prizes: I won the first prize in the scientific journalism competition presented

by the German Goethe Institute and the German Foreign Ministry for the story:
"It will be the reason for my death" how does PMS affect women's life? Among

participants from 22 Arab countries via three different workshops.

Volunteering: (from Jun 2019 to March 2020).

I volunteered as an English translator in the Olemna initiative to enrich the

Arabic content.

My linked in account: **************


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