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Abd El-Maksoud El-Mallah 


************** –************** – Cairo, Egypt 


Energetic experienced professional with 6+ years of experience in media and business communication. I 

plan and execute communication activities that connects your business to its main stakeholders locally, with 

an eye on the region, including media relations, Gov relations, events & conferences, content, branding, 

and social media. 

My track record includes planning and execution of successful media relations campaigns, conferences, 

video production, also I’ll always be proud of being the youngest communications manager for various 

international scientific research projects based on Egypt. 

My strength always comes from my journalism background, which gave me an open access to all media 

outlets in Egypt, as well as an insider experience in their technical procedures, which enables me to get the

best outcome while getting the job done.    


Senior communications executive, MashWorld, Nov 2019 – Present   

o MashWorld is a regionally ranked digital agency that offers full-integrated marketing and 

communications solutions, with deep focus on Web development, SEO, and digital advertising.     

o My role includes handling content creation operations, including content planning, creation, and 

review, as well as PR audit, planning, and thought leadership planning. 

o I’ve worked on wide spectrum of clients, covering various sectors such as ICT, Medical services, 

Renewable and sustainable energy, Financial services, and Gov institutions. 

Communications consultant, Freelancer 

o Media relations, Vapulus for E-Payment, May 19, PR written and circulated across leading 

Egyptian and regional publications 

Arabic   English 

o Lighting and videography of Ain Shams University, WHO world patient safety day, Sept. 



o Videography of METRIS project's conference, EAEA & University of Westminster, under 


last year’s link 






Abd El-Maksoud El-Mallah 


drmalah@sci.asu.edu.eg –************** – Cairo, Egypt 

Communications Manager, LIFE UK – Eg, June 2017 – Present   

o LIFE is an Egyptian British scientific research collaboration, that’s jointly funded and mutually 

executed by partners from both countries, it has been chosen by the Newton Global fund as a 

success story to be used as a case study for 2018 

o As a communications manager, I’m responsible for implementing the proposed deliverables of the 

communications strategy, including branding, online channels, networking events and conferences, 

and media relations. 

Entrepreneurship producer at CBC TV, Feb 2017 – May 2017. 

o CBC TV is a leading TV network in the Egyptian market, one of its interesting shows is Hona El 

Shabab, a broadcasted startup competition 

o As an Entrepreneurship producer of the first season crew my role was to look for brilliant 

entrepreneurs and encourage them to apply. This was done in collaboration with startup incubators 

and accelerators all over Egypt. 

Editor at YallaFeed, Cairo, Samples (Here), Jul. 2016 – Jan 2017. 

o YallaFeed is an online Arabic content platform, a BuzzFeed of Arabs, and the Arabic media arm 

of Step co. (a promising startup based in Dubai Media city). It targets young Arabs aged between 

15 and 35. 

o As an Editor I wrote a lot of creative content, features, listing, profiles, interviews, and non-news 

content. In addition, my responsibilities included ideation, trends hacking, producing the content, 

submitting it to the CMS, and covering viral stories in Egypt. 

Freelancer Media Relations and PR consultant, March 2016 - Ongoing. 

o Assisted various clients to get media exposure during their events and for their business in general 

through producing media kits, press release, speeches, targeting and inviting media, and producing 

photo/video content. 

o Samples of my work include American University in Cairo venture Lab “AUC V-lab” (Demo Day, 

May 2016), and Vapulus for E-payment. 


Producer at El Hadath El Yoom TV, EMPC, Watch (Here), Jan 2016 – June 2016.





Abd El-Maksoud El-Mallah 


drmalah@sci.asu.edu.eg –************** – Cairo, Egypt 


El Hadath El Yoom TV is an Egyptian TV channel based at the Egyptian Media Production City, 

where I worked as a content producer for the main talk-show and my main role was preparing news 

gathering, scripts writing, guests listing and fixing. 

Journalist at DotMsr, Cairo, Samples (Written – Video), April 2014 – Aug 2015. 

o Dotmsr is a unique digital media platform in Egypt, covering a wide spectrum of topics and 

audience, with a leading video journalism arm. 

o After showing an exceptional talent during my first 2 months, I became in charge of reviewing 

submitted pieces of my older peers at the Lifestyle section, but it was only a kick-off, during my 

year and a half at Dotmsr, I managed to cover various topics including lifestyle, entrepreneurship, 

mega conferences and expos, official governmental authorities and ministries, international and 

intergovernmental organizations. I have also gained experience in producing creative types of 

content including video coverage as a one-man crew, digital features mixing between written, 

photo, video, and other imbedded forms. 

o Working with news, features, interviews, success stories, and profiles, in addition to listing, 

reviews, and city guides, was a non-forgettable experience that shaped the current version of me. 

Communications Intern at BridgEgypt, Cairo, Sep 2013. 



Country Coordinator - African Network of Youth Policy Experts (AfriNYPE), June 2016 – Present   

o The African Network of Youth Policy Experts (AfriNYPE) came alive during First Global Forum 

on Youth Policies in Baku, Azerbaijan, where African delegates met the UN envoy for youth, and 

since then it serves as a platform for advancing youth policy in Africa. 

o Establishing and managing the Egyptian branch of AfriNYPE, as well as representing it during 

the last COMESSA and IATF conferences, and any upcoming official meeting or event in Egypt. 

Media Volunteer at MDB, May 2014 - Present. 

Masr Dot Bokra “MDB” is a non-governmental organization funded by Microsoft Vice President Eng. Ali 

Farmawy, the Science and Tech consultant for the Egyptian president Abdelfattah Al-Sisi, and it aims to 

build capacities of Egyptian youth getting them ready to job market. My role was to coordinate media 

coverage activities and handle events. 




Abd El-Maksoud El-Mallah 


drmalah@sci.asu.edu.eg –************** – Cairo, Egypt 


Microsoft Student Partner – ASU, Sep 2012 – Jul. 2014. 

Microsoft Student Partner “MSP” is a program led by the Tech giant Microsoft, at which I acted as an 

ambassador and my main responsibilities were included delivering training sessions, lead teams of students, 

support official events, and raised the awareness of my colleagues about technology & business. 

PR Member at BWNGO, Sep 2012 – Dec 2016. 

Student Activities, Models, University Conferences, 2011 - 2014. 


o Strategic Studies and National security, Naser Military Academy, Sep 2015. 

o Cisco IT Essentials, CAPMASS IT Centre, Aug 2014.   

o Empower Youth (Political & developmental work), National youth council, Jul 2012.    

o Fekrety (Business & entrepreneurship fundamentals) training, AUC, Jul 2012.    


Language Skills:     Arabic: Native     –         English: Very Good      –           French: Basic 

Computer Skills 

o Microsoft Office: Very Good 

o Final Cut X: Basic 

o C#, Visual: Basic 

o Adobe Premiere CC Pro: Basic     

Reference Furnished Upon Request


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