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WomenSpark Taking Their Social Media Game to the Next Level with Stllr Network’s Team

Shaza WalidDec 18, 2022

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WomenSpark Taking Their Social Media Game to the Next Level with Stllr Network’s Team
Shaza Walid
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Learn all about how WomenSpark advanced its performance on social media with the help of Stllr Network’s independents.

A brand’s social media is crucial to establishing a channel for effective communication with its audience. For a brand to be successful on social media, it’s not just about posting content about its products and/or services and that’s it. It’s about starting a conversation, listening and knowing what the audience wants to learn more about, and creating content that drives engagement.


  Don’t know how to do all that for your brand? This is what Stllr Network is for. We are the largest network of independents across the MENA region. We connect local independents with global brands that need specialized and talented calibers to achieve their marketing goals.


  Stllr Network is trusted by many brands across the region, one of which is WomenSpark.



The Partner





  *Image is taken from the original website.


  A Saudi-based early-stage angel investment network, WomenSpark connects thriving startups with passionate female angel investors. Its aim is to create a generation of digital economy entrepreneurs.


  WomenSpark actively contributes to building a healthy ecosystem for upcoming startups and talents by boosting their chances of success and offering invaluable mentorship opportunities. They have invested in PLAYBOOK, and Wafeer, just to name a few.


  You can learn more about what they do by following them on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.



The Objective



  What WomenSpark wanted to accomplish by working with the Stllr Network team is a revamped strategy for its content on social media in a way that matches its brand persona and speaks to its audience. With that in mind, the team started with an audit of WomenSpark’s social media platforms to identify areas of improvement, then proceeded with formulating a content strategy accordingly that included compelling copies and visually appealing designs.



The Team



  WomenSpark has worked and is currently working with several independents from Stllr Network, namely Maryam A., Nadine Y., and Nada E. over the past few months. “I wanted to be exposed to a new area of managing social media accounts, and I found WomenSpark as an angel investing network very interesting. Seeing startups grow and seeing a network making an impact encouraged me to take on this project,” explained Maryam A., a social media manager with experience in marketing and content creation in Egypt, KSA, and UAE.


  Similarly, Nadine Y., a social media specialist and content creator, was encouraged to work with WomenSpark because she wanted to take part in empowering entrepreneurs. Nadine boasts two years of work experience with different Egyptian startups in various industries.


  Nada A., a graphic designer, has years of agency experience and wanted to work with WomenSpark to take on a new and exciting project as such.


  “So far, the team that I’ve been working with, whether copywriters or designers, have been good. They are punctual and professional…The marketing independents have great knowledge in the field,” said Sylvie Kastoun, Manager Director at WomenSpark.



The Results



  Throughout their work with Stllr Network, WomenSpark’s LinkedIn account witnessed a 50.5% increase in the followers’ rate and a 22% increase in the custom button clicks organically. “Generating new ideas and new strategies for content is among the milestones we achieved through our work with Stllr independents,” explained Sylvie.


  What’s also equally important is how comfortable and supported our independents feel so they can give their best work. “Honestly, I find Stllr a brilliant concept that connects independents and clients in a very professional and smooth way, delivering the brief, calendar, and even the payment in a very organized way,” elaborated Nada E. On a similar note, Maryam commented that Stllr Network is,”... very convenient as she doesn’t have to worry about payments, timelines, etc.. everything is automated and managed by Stllr, which makes the life of any freelancer much easier!”


  Sign up as an independent on Stllr Network and start your freelancing journey today.

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Shaza Walid

A content specialist with eight years of experience in content writing, ranging from articles, social media, video scripts, press releases, website copy, and hard news. Worked with a diverse set of clients from government to commercial in Cairo and Dubai.

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