Top 6 Freelancing Platforms to Hire Developers for Your Business

Mar 24, 2023

Top 6 Freelancing Platforms to Hire Developers for Your Business

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  As your company grows, your business needs grow. Thus, you need to hire more people to execute and manage different tasks. As any business owner knows, hiring the right candidate can be challenging. We’ve extensively covered hiring marketing experts do’s and don’ts here (and offered solutions for that, too). But when it comes to tech professionals such as developers, programmers, software engineers, and the likes of them, things can get more tricky.


  While Stllr Network does not currently offer tech professionals (yet!), we’ve compiled a list of the top six freelancing platforms to hire developers for your business, three regional and three international.


  Let’s start with the three regional ones.







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  Bringing together designers, engineers, web developers, and essentially any tech freelancer you could think of, Squadio is a network of top-notch professionals in the tech industry. They have worked with 50+ startups, government entities, and enterprises, including Sabbar, Monsha’at, Haseel, and HRCOM, just to name a few. With a pool of 400+ talents and 100+ squads, they have launched 200+ projects since their inception.


  How to hire through Squadio?


  You need to fill out a form explaining your business need. A team member will then get in touch with you to learn more about your brief. Then you go through the relevant calibers that fit your project and start working with your chosen squad.



Talents Arena




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  Talents Arena is an AI-powered technical hiring platform that bridges the gap between hiring companies and software engineers in only two weeks. The platform aims to provide a pool of experienced and talented calibers in the tech industry to meet the rising demand for such services.


  How to hire through Talents Arena?


  What you need to do is post your vacancy with all the details you require (experience, background, certificates) and whether you need an expert or a team. You will be matched with several experts relevant to the vacancy you need. Once you choose the one that fits your criteria, the Talents Arena team will conduct a thorough technical assessment of the candidate and send you a detailed report. Then you can start working on your project right after.







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  A platform that links freelancers with employers, Ureed boasts a talent pool of over 80,000 vetted professionals in 500+ fields, including tech. They are known for their faster hiring time and world-class support from their team if you need any help throughout the hiring process. Ureed has worked with 8000+ renowned companies, such as AXA, Noon, Amazon, Emirates Foundation, and various more.


  How to hire through Ureed?


  You can check their ready-made service packages in your desired field to find what best suits your needs. You can check out the freelancer’s profile to know all about his/her expertise. After you’re satisfied with the freelancer, you can place your order for the specific service he/she provides and add any details relevant to your project. Then you can chat with the freelancer to discuss your deliverables and finalize the deal.


  Other regional platforms that offer tech freelancers include Khamsat and Mostaql.


  And now we move to the international tech platforms.






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  A.Team stems from the belief that with great teams come great things, which is why their members-only platform came into being. Their aim is to match talented product builders with clients who need their services. A.Team works with 200+ clients from various tech industries and has almost $27m paid to their teams through their work on projects. Their platform is trusted by several prestigious companies, such as PepsiCo, The Economist, McGraw Hill, Lyft, and many more.







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  Fiverr is a freelancing platform that offers access to freelancers in 500+ categories, including tech services. They offer project-basis pricing instead of an hourly rate. They have a support team available round the clock for any questions. Fiverr also offers various packages so you can choose what fits your business needs from ready-made bundles.


  How to hire through Fiverr?


  You can use their search bar to find the service you need from their packages, where you’ll be able to read reviews about the expert and see his/her work samples. If you see someone you like, you can get in touch with them to learn more about their expertise and explain your project requirements. Upon your approval, the freelancer will start working on your project and deliver it within the pre-set deadline.








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  Giving you access to 25,000+ vetted engineers, YouTeam is a platform that aims to connect businesses with experienced tech professionals. You have the option to reduce or expand your engineering team upon demand. YouTeam’s vetting process and matching points ensure that you only talk with the most suitable candidates for your project. They have worked with various companies, such as PwC, JustGiving, and Flutterwave, just to name a few.


  How to hire through YouTeam?


  First, you begin by scheduling a call with one of YouTeam’s advisors so they learn more about your project, needs, and requirements. Within 48 hours, they send you recommended candidates that fit your project and set up interviews with them for you. Once you’re settled on a candidate, contract signing and invoicing are handled by YouTeam so you can start working with the candidate confidently.


  Other international freelance platforms that give you access to tech professionals include Turing, Upwork, Comet, Freelancer, and Codeable, among many others.


  Have you used any of these platforms before to hire engineers for your business? Share your experience with us.