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Subway Egypt Getting 15x More Engagement On Social Media With Stllr Network’s Team

Shaza WalidDec 22, 2022

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Subway Egypt Getting 15x More Engagement On Social Media With Stllr Network’s Team
Shaza Walid
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Read the success story about how Subway Egypt enhanced its engagement rate on social media with the help of Stllr Network’s independents.

When it comes to a brand’s social media presence, every detail has to match its unique persona, from the tone of voice and creative direction to page moderation and partnerships. Now, this may already be challenging for some companies to achieve in local markets, but what about international markets?


  For a franchise to be successful on social media across all the markets it’s present at, there needs to be a well-planned content strategy to ensure maintaining the brand persona across different markets while catering to each region’s audience habits and preferences. And this is indeed not an easy thing to achieve.


  This was the case with Subway Egypt, one of the prestigious clients who trust Stllr Network, the largest network of independents across the MENA region. We connect local independents with global brands that need specialized and talented calibers to achieve their marketing goals.



The Partner




  *Photo is taken from the official website.


  Subway started in Connecticut, USA in 1965 as a small restaurant for submarine sandwiches. Year after year, the restaurant chain became known for its unique concept of healthy fast food, with freshly baked bread, fresh vegetables, and minimal or no fried items on the menu. Subway currently operates in 100+ countries and has 30+ thousand branches worldwide, among which is Egypt.


  Stay updated with everything Subway-related by following them on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, or order any of their mouthwatering sandwiches through their website here.



The Objective



  Subway has been in Egypt for quite some time, but it wanted to increase engagement and reach on social media, in addition to solidifying its stance in the Egyptian market. So, the team started working on a content strategy that ensured these goals were achieved. It included catchy copies, visually appealing designs, media buying, efficient social media moderation, and engaging video content.



The Team



  The Stllr Network team that works with Subway Egypt is Omar A., media buyer and team leader, Omar Y., graphic designer, Farida Y., social media moderator, and Maram and Lujain, content creators specialized in videos. The team was encouraged to work on Subway Egypt because of its prominence as an international brand and its potential to achieve more social media success in Egypt. “We just started working with Omar and the team. The results are pretty good so far…I believe everything is going great, especially on social media (TikTok, Instagram, Facebook). We’re doing great content,” said Riham Hani, Marketing Manager at Subway Egypt.



The Results



  With a powerful social media strategy, strong media buying plan, and creative content, Subway Egypt got 15x more engagement on social media compared to the period before working with Stllr Network. Moreover, Subway Egypt launched a summer internship program for the first time in Egypt, with the goal to support future content creators. The interns learned all about creating successful content including TikToks, with the help of the Stllr Network independents. The program was recognized by Subway International.


  As vital as achieving a brand’s milestones is, what is equally important is how satisfied and fulfilled our independents and partners feel while working with Stllr Network. "I believe that the Stllr module is one-of-a-kind. They shed light on the untapped potential in the marketing industry. I think it's a great solution for any business owner or organization instead of hiring an agency,” explained Reham.


  Omar A. shared a similar sentiment, “One of the things I love about Stllr Network is the quality of calibers they choose to have on their platform. They always ensure that clients receive the best quality work. Stllr cares about its independents and makes sure they’re satisfied with what they do and how the workflow is going.”


  Need further info or want to hire independents for your business? Book a call here with our Commercial Director.


  Sign up as an independent on Stllr Network and start your freelancing journey today.

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Shaza Walid

A content specialist with eight years of experience in content writing, ranging from articles, social media, video scripts, press releases, website copy, and hard news. Worked with a diverse set of clients from government to commercial in Cairo and Dubai.

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