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Mumm Achieving 6m+ In Reach and Impressions with Stllr Network

Shaza WalidOct 9, 2022

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Mumm Achieving 6m+ In Reach and Impressions with Stllr Network
Shaza Walid
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The inspiring story behind how Mumm maximized their social media reach and impressions with engaging visuals and a solid paid ads plan.

Mumm Achieving 6m+ In Reach and Impressions with Stllr Network

There are many attributes that make a brand’s social media presence successful, some of which include good copy, coherent strategy, harmonious look and feel, engaging visuals, and a solid media buying plan, just to name a few. Do businesses need to check off all these items for a strong social media presence? Ideally, yes. However, maintaining all the aforementioned aspects in addition to managing the logistics of the business itself can be overwhelming.


  The good thing is that you can find vetted freelancers who can do all these services and more at Stllr Network. No need for hiring, interviews, or anything that might delay your work. You do your business and leave the marketing to us.


  We are happy to have gained the trust of numerous valued partners who use Stllr Network’s services. Among them is Mumm.



The Partner





  *Image taken from the official website.


  Mumm is an online platform that connects talented home-based cooks with busy individuals who want to eat healthy meals sans the hassle of cooking. Each chef goes through a rigorous process of inspection and hygiene checks to make sure their kitchens meet the required standards.


  There are plenty of mouthwatering options available on the platform, from chicken, meat, and vegetable dishes to soups, appetizers, pasta, and many more. Their delivery service covers a wide range of zones around Cairo. Mumm offers a variety of options such as single-portion cooked food, frozen food, or family food.


  You can learn more about their services and what they offer through their Facebook and Instagram accounts.



The Objective



  Mumm requested marketing services to enhance their paid ads performance and overall visual identity. With that said, the team worked on devising a solid social media paid ads strategy to achieve these goals with Facebook and Instagram Ads, in addition to working on creating a series of engaging visuals for their social media platforms that complement the brand’s persona.



The Team



  Mumm’s team consists of Ahmed A. and Eslam A., a media buyer and a graphic designer, respectively. With years of experience first in social media, digital marketing, and later in social media paid ads, Ahmed specializes in ads for a variety of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, and Google Ads.


  Eslam has extensive experience in graphic design and branding, having worked in several agencies with a variety of brands, regionally and internationally. “I like working on Food & Beverage brands and Mumm is one of the thriving companies in this sector, so I was encouraged to work with them.”


  Both Ahmed and Eslam have been working with Mumm from March 2022 until today.



The Results



  With engaging visuals and a coherent social media buying plan, Mumm gained new Instagram followers and Facebook likes by up to 200%. Moreover, the social media pages’ reach and impressions came to more than 6m. “Things have picked up greatly since we started working together and we’ve seen results and an increase in orders,” said Ahmed. “Honestly, the way the experts work is very professional and they care about every little detail,” explained Sara Mekkawey, Assistant General Manager at Mumm, “and this affects our growth well.”


  What’s also equally important is how comfortable and supported our freelancers feel so they can give their best work. Eslam commented that Stllr Network is, “a professional environment for any freelancer.” Likewise, Ahmed elaborated that he likes that everything is organized and everyone knows what their role is, “Stllr Network handles the clients and makes the communication process easier and more seamless.”


  If you’re a business owner and want to hire the right marketing expert on the first try, check out our guide on hiring marketing experts: do’s, don'ts, and everything in between here. Need further info? Book a call here with our Commercial Director.


  Sign up as an expert on Stllr Network and start your freelancing journey today.


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Shaza Walid

A content specialist with eight years of experience in content writing, ranging from articles, social media, video scripts, press releases, website copy, and hard news. Worked with a diverse set of clients from government to commercial in Cairo and Dubai.

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