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How Grinta Got 10x ROI With Stllr Network’s Team

Shaza WalidOct 9, 2022

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How Grinta Got 10x ROI With Stllr Network’s Team
Shaza Walid
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In this case study, we shed light on the collaboration between Grinta and Stllr Network, the objectives, the plan, and the achieved results.

How Grinta Got 10x ROI With Stllr Network’s Team

In the highly competitive market we live in today, it has become a challenge for businesses to find freelancers that are able to fulfill the company’s marketing needs and help it achieve its goals. Similarly, it is often a dilemma for experienced marketing freelancers to find all the attributes they’re looking for to work on a freelance task efficiently, such as a clear brief, seamless communication, timely payments, and so on.


  This is where Stllr Network comes in, bridging the gap between businesses (be it a startup, enterprise, or anything else) and marketing freelancers. Through an innovative plug-and-play model and an easy-to-use interface, Stllr Network connects vetted freelancers with businesses who need their marketing services.


  Among our esteemed partners is Grinta.



The Partner





  *Image taken from the official website.


  Aiming to modernize the pharmaceutical supply chain model across Africa, Grinta is a marketplace that empowers independent pharmacies using AI & ML technologies.


  Grinta offers an easy-t0-use experience with its end-to-end platform, allowing pharmacies to trace and track all the medical supplies they require from various vendors, in addition to inventory financing and automation.


  Their ultimate goal is to build a reliable, efficient, and data-driven pharmaceutical supply chain model through their work with stakeholders, distributors, manufacturers, pharmacies, and wholesalers.


  You can know more about them through their LinkedIn and Facebook accounts.



The Objective



  Grinta required an umbrella of comprehensive services to achieve its marketing objectives. Among the services was to migrate to a new platform. Then came the goal of formulating a growth strategy, content marketing through copywriting and SEO, in addition to performance marketing and project management.


  “I am a huge fan of the model Stllr is working on accomplishing. The network offers the flexibility to scale up your business and your marketing team parallelly together,” explained Hamza Tag, Co-founder, and Head of Growth at Grinta.



The Team



  Karim W. is a seasoned full-stack growth marketing consultant with extensive experience in communication, content, social media, and performance marketing, to name a few. He worked on 60+ brands, mentored 90+ ones, and lead 800+ individuals in teams from 20 countries.


  “I was encouraged to work with Grinta because of my previous experience in marketplace and e-commerce. I had confidence and a track record,” said Karim. He’s been working with Grinta from April 2022 until today. He was working individually and then realized he needed more resources. So he recommended and gathered experts accordingly and is currently leading the team.


  The team consists of Sameh K., head copywriter, and Abdallah A., head of SEO. Sameh played a significant role in highlighting Grinta’s unique selling propositions and elevating brand communications. Similarly, Abdallah enhanced the search engines’ performance and overall platform transformation.



The Results



  Migrating to a new platform was a success, without compromising on its already existing traffic, user experience, or ranking. Then came the marketing work, which included brand creation, logos, social presence & profile creation, business assets creation (Facebook, Google, Analytics, Data Studio, Pixels, Tracking, etc.), marketing strategy, and execution. “We cut promotions and incentivized sales to get real brand adoption. That’s the dream for many companies” elaborated Karim.


  The fee-to-revenue ratio for Grinta was 10x (total Stllr cost vs. total gain) and the forecast shows the Stllr team can do 30x in 3 months, then 50-60x by end of H1 ’23. “The biggest milestone we achieved was understanding our audience and understanding what we can achieve with our marketing efforts and what we cannot,” said Hamza.


  With an enhanced content direction, creative ideas, and a deep understanding of the target audience provided by Stllr Network’s vetted freelancers, Grinta was able to strengthen its digital presence and scale its business.


  If you’re a business owner and want to hire the right marketing expert on the first try, check out our guide on hiring marketing experts: do’s, don'ts, and everything in between here. Need further info? Book a call here with our Commercial Director.


  Sign up as an expert on Stllr Network and start your freelancing journey today.


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Shaza Walid

A content specialist with eight years of experience in content writing, ranging from articles, social media, video scripts, press releases, website copy, and hard news. Worked with a diverse set of clients from government to commercial in Cairo and Dubai.

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