Getting 4.5k+ Organic Views Without Paid Ads: The Success Story of the First Content Creation Program by Stllr Network

Mar 31, 2023

Getting 4.5k+ Organic Views Without Paid Ads: The Success Story Behind the First Content Creation Program by Stllr Network

If you’ve been following Stllr Network on Instagram (which you really should if you aren’t), you’ll notice that something big happened last week. Don’t know yet? Please allow us to walk you through it all.





So What Exactly Happened Last Week?





  Since we all know that content is king, and since Stllr Network is a hub for content creators in the MENA region, and since we have access to top instructors and media professionals in Egypt, thanks to our educational arm, Stllr Academy, we’ve decided to put all this together and offer something different. In partnership with two of KSA’s entrepreneurship giants, Monsha’at and Falak Investment Hub, we launched…(drumroll)...




The First Egyptian Saudi Content Creation Program



  We brought together five hand-picked participants from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in a five-day program to learn about creating viral content using their smartphones. The program also aimed to utilize the various tools of digital media to help participants create compelling, timely, and engaging Arabic content.


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  It was all about practical learning in this program, which is why the participants had access to a shared Instagram account for experimental learning under the name @hawyatalryada where they post their created content throughout the event for a more immersive learning experience (check out the account for some pretty cool videos).


  Each participant had one goal to achieve by the end of the program: create a video in Arabic that would go viral. The participant who would create the video with the highest number of views wins!




The Agenda



  The program’s agenda was packed with sessions and workshops provided by top-notch content creators and professionals so participants can acquire both the theoretical and practical aspects of the content creation process. The sessions ranged from Instagram/TikTok content creation tips, the know-how behind creating engaging and viral content, to the fundamentals of mobile videography. The program was from Sunday, the 23rd of October to Thursday, the 27th of October.



  1. Jeida El Kersh

  Founder of an online show called “El E3lam W Snin0” with over 300k+ followers raising awareness of how media shapes our minds, decisions, and society as a whole.






  2. Ahmed Hayman

  A visual storyteller and portrait photographer, known for his humanitarian conceptualized work in photography. He’s the f0under of “Beit El Sura,” a photography school and studio.





  3. Dr. Ashraf Sheta

  CEO of Ashraf Sheta for Consultancy and Training and adjunct assistant professor of entrepreneurship at the American University in Cairo.


  Dr. Ashraf.png



  4. Farah El Kordy

  A content creator who makes educational videos about marketing strategies, ads, and more with 1m+ followers on TikTok.





  5. Sarah AlKahery

  An Instagram coach and digital marketing specialist. She worked with 500+ Instagram businesses to help them scale and push sales organically.





  Moreover, the agenda included media visits to Waya Media and Enterprise Press to equip participants with foundational knowledge about successful content creation.


  On the third day of the program, there was a fun networking brunch where participants were able to meet with the instructors once more, in addition to a select group of entrepreneurs and startup founders to gather material for their videos.




The Results




  In under 72 hours and with no paid ads, one of the participants managed to get more than 4.8k organic views on her video. She was able to successfully utilize the help of the instructors and gather interesting insights from the entrepreneurs present at the brunch event to create her viral video.



  Four days filled with networking, stellar content, cool interviews, and a fruitful Egyptian Saudi collaboration. It was indeed a success. See you next round!



  You can watch the event’s exclusive coverage on our Instagram account here.





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