Create Compelling Website Copy in 8 Steps

Mar 31, 2023

Create Compelling Website Copy in 8 Steps

When it comes to websites, the copy is indeed king. Your website is where you display your brand and your products/services for your audience to see. So you have to lure them and attract them to keep exploring it and eventually take an action.


  Ensuring that the copy is compelling and engaging will drive the conversions you’re looking for on your website.


  Let’s dive into it!




Research and run deep analysis on the product niche and industry to understand user behavior





  *Image taken from GCC Business News.


  Begin by researching and understanding your audience. Know their demographics and user personas. Once you have this information, you’ll be better able to write copy that caters to their needs and grabs their attention. Study your brand’s competitors, analyze what they’re doing, what you can get inspired from, and what you can avoid and do better.




Run and analyze UserTesting (or other tools) sessions on competitors' website content analysis






  Compile a list of competitors’ websites that you want to analyze further. Try to vary the list among local, regional, and international so you can get an overarching view of what each is doing. Try to identify what their highest-performing content is and see how you can learn from it. Among the tools you can use to test your competitors’ websites are UserTesting, SEMrush, Buzzsumo, Similarweb, and more.




Run user interview rounds for customers in different stages on the funnel and analyze the answers



  Even though you may think you know your customers well, you’re still not the customer. So conducting user interviews is crucial to gaining invaluable insights into who your customers are, their user behavior, and the specific details and frustrations about their buyer journey. It may be a good idea to ask a third party to do the interviews to ensure they’re unbiased as possible. If you don’t have the resources to do so, you can still do it in-house. Keep your questions objective and to the point. Don’t take what customers say personally in order to get the most out of the interview. You can learn more tips about how to make your interviews more objective here.




Provide a project wireframe that includes a sitemap page structure and the first draft of the website copy





  A project wireframe is essentially a map that shows the main features of the website and how users can navigate through it. Creating a project wireframe early on allows you to know how much time the whole project will take, gives you a chance to easily introduce any amends or changes, and makes you see where every button and feature will go and how to best optimize the entire website.


  It’s recommended that you submit a first draft of the website copy to your client for several reasons: to help them visualize what the rest of the website will look and sound like, to leave room for changes and edits, and help you identify problems or areas of improvement in the website’s tone of voice. So it’s better to do so with one page only at first rather than with the entire website.




Write Arabic SEO-optimized web pages





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  Know what keywords and phrases your audience searches for and incorporate them into your copy. Make the copy flow rather than stuff it with keywords in a way that looks and reads unnaturally. Make sure you’re using a font that is readable in the Arabic language. Text alignment is crucial too.




Write English SEO-optimized web pages





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  Highlight why your product/service is what your audience needs. Use “you” and “your” in your copy to humanize the brand and make it sound more conversational. Include facts and figures in your copy for more credibility and professionalism. Be simple and to the point with your copy. Incorporate the keywords that your audience is searching for.




Validate website content with actual prospects (eg: user tests)





  Make sure you spend enough time testing each page on the website because sometimes mistakes can be hard to spot. Try each button and link available. Click on everything and see what happens. Add complex content such as YouTube links or photos with captions and see how they’re displayed. Make sure the website looks coherent and visually appealing on all devices.




Offer two free rounds of edits on each page of the website



  Remember that nothing comes out perfect from the first trial. The process of building a website takes a lot of time and effort, so you have to be patient when it comes to amends and edits. It will come around eventually.



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