5 Simple Steps to Create a Full-Fledged Social Media Plan

Mar 23, 2023

5 Simple Steps to Create a Full-Fledged Social Media Plan

Brands, now more than ever, use social media to connect with their audiences, announce new products and services, establish brand awareness, promote events, and offer a platform for efficient communication. For any business to establish a strong online presence, it needs a coherent and powerful social media plan. Your social media plan determines which platforms you post to, when you post, the frequency of posting, your brand’s tone of voice and your overall digital persona.


  To create a social media plan that is on-point, you need a team to provide you with the services you require, such as visual design, animation, copywriting, media buying, and social media management. At Stllr Network, you don’t need to go through the hassle of hiring a team because we have ready-made teams for everything you need. You can either choose from our ready teams or make up your own team of vetted experts through our platform. No hiring or interviewing is needed!


  We’ve put together a checklist to help you with the steps you ought to take to create the perfect social media plan. If you haven’t signed up yet to be an expert on Stllr, you can do that here.




Build a social media content roadmap for (add the platform name)





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  A social media content roadmap includes your target audience, demographics, preferences, and the platform you’ll be focusing on. This is determined based on which one your audience spends the most time. You need to know your audience well and their personas, what they like and don’t like, and their purchasing power and habits, which platform they spend the most time on, and then create your social media content roadmap accordingly. Then set your goals and KPIs and start posting your content.




Post weekly content on social media platforms





  Here a pressing question arises, how do I determine the best time to post? You can do this by monitoring your highest-performing posts and seeing the times/days when your audience is most active on your chosen platform. This will also depend on what you’re trying to measure, likes, engagement, or impressions.



  As for posting frequency, it is recommended to post 2-5 times per week. Instagram Stories can be posted more frequently, especially if it’s for coverage of a live event, for instance.

  For the content itself, the goal is to deliver relevant, timely, engaging, and informative content that appeals to your target audience and helps them know more about your brand.




Increase brand awareness and post engagement with a monthly content calendar





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  You can enhance brand awareness in many ways. Creating quality content (topics your audience is interested in and wants to know more about), posting appealing visual content that matches your brand persona, and collaborating with relevant influencers can also enhance your brand’s visibility and give it more exposure. Make sure to keep an eye on social media trends and how to smartly leverage them.



  As for post engagement, it’s all about listening. Social media platforms are essentially places to start conversations. You need to listen to your audience, what they are asking, what they want to hear, and what appeals to them. Catchy copies and visually appealing photos are essential. Video content is also key. Ask your audience intriguing questions (about relevant topics, not your product/service in particular) and start a conversation. Encourage them to engage with your content and share what they post in response.




Measure conversion rate (organic and paid) from social media by setting up a proper tracking system



  A conversion rate is when you measure how often your social media content spurs an action, whether subscription, likes, purchases, or downloads. How to measure it exactly and what’s the best way to set up a tracking system? You’ll find these answers and everything you need to know about paid social media ads in our article here.




Track and optimize the overall performance through monthly growth reports





  The monthly reports are your chance to measure the success of your social media efforts and see what you can capitalize on, and what you can improve. A social media report usually consists of three sections: results, learnings, and recommendations. Moreover, it includes follower count, likes, engagement, reach, and clicks. It’s always a process of trial and error until you find what works best for your brand.



  This checklist is used by our Stllr experts to create an optimum social media plan. You can find a ready-made template with this list (you can copy and paste it and start working right away with it!) when you’re vetted on our platform.



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