10 AI Writing Tools for Middle Eastern Business in 2023: The Must-Have Pocket Guide

Ahmed YasserMay 8, 2023

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10 AI Writing Tools for Middle Eastern Business in 2023: The Must-Have Pocket Guide
Ahmed Yasser
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If you're finding it more challenging to write lately because of a busy schedule, or writer's block, this pocket guide is for you!

If you're finding it more challenging to write lately because of a busy schedule, writer's block, staring at a blank screen, or even spending hours waiting for the creative spark, this pocket guide is for you!


  With so many AI tools available nowadays, it can be difficult to know where to begin or which tool is the best for your needs. That's why we've created this guide to assist you in navigating the world of Arabic Ai content-generation tools.


  We've researched and put together a list of the 10 best AI content generators, both paid and free, to help you create high-quality content that boost your organic sales, build amazing precence on Social Media, and overcome any obstacles you may be facing.


  These AI writing tools can help you come up with unique content ideas, optimize your content for SEO, and create content that your target audience will love.


  In this article, we'll talk about AI tools specifically designed for content creation, discuss the benefits of using AI writing tools, factors to pick the best tool that matches your needs, and offer tips and hack for maximizing their potential, as well as their pros, cons, and key features.


  Our focus will extend beyond theory as we highlight real-life success stories from our thriving community of experts who have harnessed the power of these AI tools to grow top businesses in the Middle East.


  But if you are in a hurry and want to know our top AI content generator picks right away, we recommend (free-for-ever plan) for short copies and Jasper AI (free trial plan) for both content such as social media copies, emails, blog posts, and eBooks. According to Stllr Network experts' votes, these two tools are the best in 2023 and offer free trial plans.




What is an AI Content Generator?


  An AI content generator is a software tool that uses machine learning algorithms to automatically create written content. It helps users create different types of content in no time, such as blog posts, product descriptions, social media posts, emails, and others.


  AI content generators use technology to understand human language and create written content that sounds good and makes sense. These algorithms can also make content based on certain topics or writing styles, making it easy to create content that is relevant to a particular audience.




Benefits Of Using AI Content Writing Tools


  There are several benefits of using an AI content generator, including:


  1. Increased productivity: AI writing software can help you write faster and more efficiently.


  2. Cost-effective: AI writing software can be more cost-effective than hiring human writers, especially for businesses that need to produce a large volume of content.


  3. Improved quality: AI writing tools can help you improve the quality of your writing by catching errors and suggesting corrections.


  4. Better rankings: SEO is important for any website or blog. Some of the mentioned AI writing software can help you optimize your content for better search engine rankings.


  5. Consistency: AI content generators can produce content that is consistent in tone, style, and messaging, which can be difficult to achieve with multiple human writers.


  6. Scalability: AI content generators can easily scale to meet the needs of businesses that require a large volume of content.




The Drawbacks Of Using An AI Content Generator


  Despite the benefits, there are also some drawbacks to using an AI content generator, including:


  1. Lack of creativity: AI writing tools can produce content that is grammatically correct and flows naturally, but they may lack the creativity and originality of human writers.


  2. Limited customization: While AI writing tools can be customized to a certain extent, they may not be able to produce content that is highly specific or tailored to a particular audience.


  3. Quality control: The quality of the content generated by an AI content generator may not always meet the standards of the user, which can result in additional editing or revision time.


  4. Limited industry-specific knowledge: AI content generators may not have the necessary industry-specific knowledge to produce content that is accurate and relevant to certain fields.


  That’s why we insist in this blog to try each tool to make sure that they pass the above drawbacks.


  But wait, here's where it gets interesting. Let's take a look at some Middle Eastern AI content generation tools first that are worth testing before we cover the other tools in our list.






  With Katteb, you can take advantage of two advanced NLP technologies: J1-Jumbo and GPT-3. These cutting-edge techniques are trained on over 350 billion parameters, allowing for the creation of high-quality content in a fraction of the time it would take otherwise.





  Best for: Fact checked AI-generated content

  Free Trial: 2000 AI-generated words

  Free Plan: not available

  Price: Starts at $15month for 30K words



Key Features:


  1. Blog Outliner: Quickly plan & organize your articles by providing a few keywords. You'll receive headline ideas & even a full Arabic article with approximately 60% quality.


  2. Paraphrasing: It’s not just using different words. It changes the sentence structure & wording to make it easier to read and finds the best way to convey the message in a clear & appropriate manner.


  3. Product Descriptions: Generate unique and attractive product descriptions for your online store using the advanced Katteb AI language model.






  • AI-generated sales copies based on the conversion model


  • Can generate unique and enticing product descriptions quickly and easily


  • Offers a blog outline feature to plan and organize article content


  • Provides a content quality score to help improve article quality


  • Has an Arabic language focus, making it a valuable tool for Arabic content creation






  • Not strong for Arabic content (Most of their reviews are about Arabic content)


  • It does not support writing in the local dialect of the Arabic language, depending on the different countries


  • AI sometimes misunderstands text meaning, requests, and emotions, leading to nonsensical suggestions


  • Customer support is slow to respond and not very helpful in some cases







  Bonus: Instead of only utilizing the 2K words free trial, you can get 10,000 words for each review on Capterra & Trustpilot.






  Araby AI is the first website and app to offer chatGPT in Arabic, making it easier than ever for Arabic speakers to communicate with AI technology. With their wide range of AI tools, you can improve your productivity and streamline your workflows.





  Best for: short-term classic Arabic

  Free Trial: 1000 AI-generated words

  Free Plan: not available

  Price: Starts at $2.99/month for 6K words



Key Features:


  1. Write Now: A comprehensive library of pre-made short-form copy templates that cover a wide range of marketing copy needs.


  2. ArabyGPT: A upgraded AI engine of the well-known ChatGPT3 tool but mainly specialized for short-form copies.






  • Large database: Arabic database of content and text that can be used to generate high-quality content.


  • Customization options: It allows for customization & editing to create content that fits a brand's tone & voice.


  • Content variety: It offers a variety of content types, including social media posts, articles, and product descriptions.






  • Free trial limited to 1000 words, which is not sufficient for testing content quality.


  • Not suitable for generating technical or long-form content


  • No plagiarism detection or grammar fix features


  • Limited functionality compared to other AI writing tools like







  Bonus: Exclusively, you can get a 20% discount by using the following promo code (ARABY20).






  Uktob helps write anything at better than human-level performance, ultra-fast. It doesn’t stop here; their AI creates world-class art and realistic images to go along with your copywriting, decreasing your workload from hours to seconds.





  Best for: low-budget short-form standard Arabic

  Free Trial: 1500 AI-generated words

  Free Plan: not available

  Price: Starts at $19month for 20K words



Key Features:


  1. Faheem: An AI chat assistant on WhatsApp. It can understand what you say and give you recommendations for short-form copies and stunning visuals. It can also respond to you in Arabic and even listen to and respond to your voice notes.


  2. Powerful settings: Enable users to adjust their artistic style, creativity, or tone of voice to match their business needs.


  3. AI-driven: The underlying language models are changing the game with their natural, unique, and creative results.


  4. 50+ available skills: With a multitude of available templates, you can generate brilliant copy or content in seconds.


  5. Grammar fix: Uktob can fix all the grammar in your writing with the press of a button.


  6. Sentence rewriter: Conversion-focused copywriting that captures attention. With Uktob, your sentence is analyzed and rewritten in a completely original and intelligent way.






  • 30+ content templates


  • Easy-to-use platform


  • AI-generated Images


  • Affordable pricing plans for its paid version





  • The customization options for the templates are limited


  • Not suitable for generating technical or long-form content


  • Not always generate content that is 100% accurate or error-free


  • Good in translation from en to ar but with a 70% accuracy level











  Qalam is an automated proofreading software that helps you write clear and impressive texts free from spelling and grammar errors. It utilizes the latest artificial intelligence and natural language processing techniques.





  Best for: Arabic content edits & rephrasing

  Free Trial: 500 AI-generated words

  Free Plan: not available

  Price: Starts at $23.99month for unlimited word check



Key Features:


  1. Automatic writing assistant: An automatic proofreader that helps you write impactful texts without spelling & grammatical mistakes


  2. Plagiarism detector: Compares your document against billions of online sources


  3. Qalam text scanner: Helps you extract texts from images and PDF files without much trouble or effort from you or your team


  4. Keyboard mobile application: An iOS & Android app that will help you effectively with all applications to ensure that you write correctly and without mistakes


  5. AskQalam (BETA): This is similar to ChatGPT. trained to analyze questions and provide an answer on the spot


  6. Qalam extensions: 6+ extensions that boost writers' performance such as Google tools & Chrome extensions.






  • Qalam AI has an API


  • 24/7 live support


  • Has a browser extension for quick access


  • Has a mobile app for iPhone, Android, and iPad






  • More suitable for content editing rather than content generation


  • Relatively expensive compared with other Middle Eastern tools


  • Grammatical errors in generated Arabic content







  Bonus: Get a 50% discount on a yearly plan for $12/month instead of $23.99/month.






  Lisan is an advanced Arabic grammar checker that can proofread and correct 12 types of errors such as spelling, grammar, and style mistakes. It can also check citations and names. It has a 98.6% accuracy rate in detecting language errors, making it a reliable Arabic content editor.





  Best for: Arabic content detecting language errors

  Free Trial: Not available

  Free Plan: unlimited grammar error fix monthly

  Price: Starts at $19month for full access to all features



Key Features:


  1. Language proofreading: It offers language proofreading services for Arabic content, including detecting and correcting spelling, grammar, inflectional, semantic, and stylistic errors.


  2. Advanced language proofreading: It offers advanced language proofreading that goes beyond basic grammar and spelling checks, offering more advanced correction for syntax, tense, and other complex language issues.


  3. Writing accelerators: It helps users write faster and more efficiently by suggesting commonly used phrases and vocabulary based on the context of the text.


  4. Writing enhancers: It offers suggestions for improving the quality and clarity of the content by identifying areas for improvement in terms of structure, tone, and readability.


  5. Customizability: It allows users to customize their language preferences and settings, tailoring the tool to their needs and writing style.






  • Has a browser extension that auto-corrects language on webpages in Firefox, Chrome, and Edge browsers


  • Has outstanding technical support to users that address tool issues and questions promptly


  • Amazing for brainstorming content ideas and topic outlines in Arabic






  • Lisan focuses on the Arabic language and does not support other languages


  • Not good for generating quality Arabic long-form copies







  And that's not all... Here are some additional helpful Arabic content add-ons that support AI writing tools:




6. by RDI


  Tashkeel is an Arabic diacritization system that helps in adding accents to words, marks to letters, vocalization for Arabic text, and other language fixes, and can process many words quickly. It uses statistical, rule-based, and deep-learning approaches to provide precise results. It can work on its own or enhance other systems like Text to Speech and Search Engines. Read more about Tashkeel.





  Best for: Accurate Arabic diacritization in a matter of seconds.

  Free Trial: Not available

  Free Plan: unlimited grammar error fix monthly

  Price: Starts at $19month for full access to all features





7. is an AI tool for dialectal Arabic that provides accurate transcriptions for your audio and video content. It unlocks the power of your content by enabling you to easily convert it into text.





  Best for: Transcribing Arabic content from audio and video

  Free Trial: 10 minutes included. No credit card required

  Free Plan: Not available

  Price: Starts at $10hour for full access to all features


  Bonus: Now you can get 10% off. Use the promo code: “SPRING2023”


  Now it's time for our list of the top 6 AI content generation tools.




8. Jasper AI:


  It's the best for all content type generator tools in 2023. This cutting-edge tool differentiates itself from the competition through the use of advanced AI models such as GPT-4, Neo X, T5, and Bloom. Jasper AI has been developed by recognized copywriters and SEO experts to meet your content needs.


  With Jasper AI, you can create high-quality content that avoids AI detection, such as blog posts, product descriptions, social media posts, and more.


  The platform is easy to use, with a variety of templates and customization options to help you create exceptional content that fits your brand voice and tone.


  Moreover, Jasper AI offers several free courses to help you make use of every feature of it. If you're serious about improving your content, we highly recommend giving Jasper AI a shot.


  Free Trial: Try Jasper for FREE and receive 10,000 words crafted by top-tier AI technology.


  Bonus: Try full access to Jasper + SurferSEO for 30 days for only 1$. Requires an international Visa Card.






  It's the best for generating short marketing copies. is an extensive free AI content generator that can help you with producing multiple types of content. It has over 100 templates to choose from and is available in 25 languages including Arabic! has your back whether you're trying to write blog posts, social media posts, or emails. All you have to do is select a template that matches your criteria and describe what you want to write about then handles the rest, creating the content and structure for you.


  But wait, there's more! also has some useful tools for editing your writing. You can rewrite sentences automatically, switch from passive to active voice, and shift the tone of your writing style. Wait for the best part...


  Most of's features and templates are free to use! So, if you're a small business owner on a tight budget, or content writing freelancer could be the perfect tool for you.


  However, if you're looking to write Long-form copies like blog posts, or eBooks specifically, might not be the best option for you. It doesn't have SEO features or blog post templates like Jasper. But that’s not all, there are some good free alternatives below. Don’t go anywhere.






  • Helps with writer’s block.


  • One of the most effective and easy-to-use interfaces.


  • Free plan and no credit card required.






  • The free plan from Copy AI is a welcome sight, however, it is just suitable for testing the software.







  Bonus: You can get unlimited words and access to all the tool’s unique features with a $36 per month pro plan. But, If you sign up through the link, you'll get 7,000 Free Words Plus 40% OFF.




10. is an advanced platform that uses ChatGPT4 technology. It helps business owners, writers, and marketers create diverse and high-quality content effortlessly.


  With a variety of powerful writing tools, simplifies content creation, allowing users to generate lengthy articles of 3000+ words in seconds.


  It seamlessly integrates with popular platforms like Google Docs, Grammarly, and Yoast, enabling users to export their content easily or connect with other applications hassle-free.





  Best for: Writing articles & long copies

  Free Trial: 7-day trial of full access

  Free Plan: 2,000 AI words per month (it can be activated once your trial ends)

  Price: Starts at $39/month for 100K words





  1. Content Optimizer: Create SEO-friendly content by analyzing your competitors' content for a selected keyword.

  2. Cruise Mode: Generate long-form blog posts easily, from the title to the conclusion.

  3. AI Copywriter: Access 40+ copywriting templates to create personalized content.

  4. CopyScape integration: Check your content's originality and identify any instances of plagiarism.

  5. Scalenut Talent Network: Hire specialists for writing, design, or video content at affordable rates.






  • Easily write long-form content using cruise mode.


  • Automate NLP key terms for SEO.


  • Easily generate answers to the questions from Quora and Reddit.


  • Publish the content you create on WordPress in seconds.


  • Library of royalty-free images.






  • Arabic output could be better from a grammatical point of view.


  • Limited number of features compared to other content creation platforms like Jasper.


  • Some users have reported issues with the interface and user experience.


  • The quality of the content generated by the AI tools may not always meet expectations.


  • Customer support can be slow to respond or not very helpful in some cases.







  Bonus: Try Scalenut for free - No credit card is required.






  WriteSonic is one of few Ai tools that uses the latest leading-edge ChatGPT4 technology to help business owners, freelancing writers, and marketers create diverse and high-quality content easily.


  With over 70 powerful writing tools, WriteSonic simplifies content creation and can produce long articles of 3000+ words in seconds.


  WriteSonic works well with popular platforms like Google Docs, Grammarly, and Yoast, so users can export their content or connect with other applications without any hassle.





  Best for: AI writing with a powerful variety of features

  Free Trial: 10,000 AI words generated per month

  Free Plan: Not available

  Price: Starts at $19/month for 600K words for 1 user





  1. Al Article & Blog Writer: Write up to 2000-word articles and blogs


  2. Paraphrasing Tool: Rewrite sentences, paragraphs, essays, or even articles with 100% unique & plagiarism-free content.


  3. Text extender: The fastest & easiest way to create longer sentences in languages at a blazing speed


  4. Text Summarizer: Write short and unique summaries of your text copy without making any changes to the original tone and writing style.


  5. Product Description: Generate SEO-friendly and high-quality product descriptions 10x faster using Writesonic’s AI product description generator.


  6. Surfer SEO integration: This can help you save 30+ hours every week generating, editing, and publishing SEO content with Writesonic and Surfer integration.


  7. E-commerce Product Descriptions: Craft epic product descriptions for your eCommerce store.


  8. Ads and Marketing Tools: Create high-performing social media ad copy to generate more leads and increase your conversions.


  9. Photosonic: Lets you make any image you want from a text description and in my tests, the generated text seemed mostly original and free of plagiarism






  • Offers a free plan that includes all features


  • Excellent customer service with 24/7 live support


  • The software is affordable regardless of how it's used


  • You can talk to the AI to tell it what kind of content you need


  • This AI content generator is less expensive than some other tools


  • Training Academy that helps learn more about AI writing & make the most of Writesonic






  • The user interface is confusing for beginners


  • Pricing is high for small businesses or individuals on a limited budget


  • Missing some good to have features like audience targeting,


  • Content generated by the tool may have repetition with limited tone settings


  • Overuse of exclamation points that make it appear unprofessional






  Bonus: If you are a student or a non-profit organization? You get an additional 30% off on annual plans.






  From blogs and emails to ad copies, auto-generate catchy, original, and high-converting copies in popular tones & languages in just a few seconds.


  Just pick a use case, enter some context, and boom...your copy is ready!


  Simply select a ready-made template, add the details, and let the AI content writer do the rest for you.





  Best for: Best for simple generating short-form content (SM, emails, etc.)

  Free Trial: Not available

  Free Plan: Free forever plan for 10K generated wordsmonth

  Price: Starts at $19/month for 600K words for 1 user





  1. Image generation: Rytr uses AI technology to generate creative images that complement your content and enhance its visual appeal.


  2. Content spinning: With Rytr, you can create multiple versions of your content by rephrasing paragraphs or generating new content.


  3. Plagiarism checker: Rytr can check your content for plagiarism before you publish it, ensuring that your work is original.


  4. Grammar checker: Rytr will check your content for grammar mistakes, helping you to produce high-quality written work.


  5. Multiple language support: Rytr supports over 29 languages, including Hindi, Spanish, French, and German.






  • By Rytr Chat you can interact with AI in a more natural way to fast generate content


  • Amazing free-for-ever plan to try multiple content and scale while growing


  • The addition of a chatbot function provides further convenience and ease of use for users


  • The interface is designed to fit within a single browser window, allowing for distraction-free writing


  • Offers one of the most cost-effective solutions in the market to give you complete value for money


  • Offers various use cases and creativity levels, allowing users to focus on specific tasks and make the most of the AI






  • If quality is a priority, Rytr may not be the best choice. Always needs human input.


  • Support is not up to the mark







  Bonus: Now you can access Rytr's Saver Plan subscription starts at only $9/month, which is much less than other AI writer generators.




13. Simplified AI





  Best for: Advanced all-in-one platform free forever plan

  Free Trial: Not available

  Free Plan: 2000 AI words generated per month with free designs creator

  Price: Starts at $30/month for 600K words. Up to 5 users





  1. Content Rewriter Tools: You can use Simplified AI Writer to expand and rewrite paragraphs, sentences, articles, blog content, and social media posts in a few clicks


  2. Chrome Extensions: You can use Simplified free AI writers everywhere on the web


  3. Copywriting templates: If you need landing page copy, ad copies, or product descriptions, Simplified has use cases for all






  • Has a specialized AI engine for generating Arabic content in 40+ different languages


  • Free AI writer, no credit card required.


  • Offers marketing tools such as a video editor, content calendar, graphic design tool, and AI copywriting tool.






  • The free plan has a low writing limit of only 2,000 words per month, which may not be enough to test various content types.







  Bonus: The best part is that you can start today with Simplified for free.




Tips for Writing High-Quality Blog Posts


  Most AI writing software is similar in use, making it easy for anyone to create high-quality content without any prior writing experience.


  Some AI writing tools offer customization features that allow you to select between ready-made content templates, pick the tone and length of the content, and writing styles, and ensure it aligns with your brand's voice and branding style while meeting your requirements. But here's the kicker.


  Let’s say we want to generate a blog section about “How to generate content 10x faster” in a few steps:


  First step: Enter the information you want to include in the blog post introduction. For this example, I'll enter the following:


  1. Blog post title

  2. Outline for the blog post section

  3. Top keywords I want to include

  4. The blog post audience and their preference

  5. The tone of voice and writing style


  Second step: After you enter these details, click the "Generate AI Content" button, and the AI content writing tool will generate content for you based on the data you provided.




Tips for Better AI-generated Content:


  1. You can use Chat GPT/Notion AI free plan to simplify and shorten language for easier reading

  2. You can use to rephrase sentences and choose better keywords to improve your understanding

  3. You can use AI content detector to help your content pass Google AI detection

  4. You can use Grammarly’s plagiarism detection to ensure your content is original

  5. You can use to ensure your content uses a positive voice and is easy to read


  Pretty cool, right? You can use any of the tools listed above to create content, by following these steps to get awesome content.




Who Should Use AI Content Generator Tools?


  There are many ways to use AI content generators to create content. Here are some examples:


  1. Blog and article writing: Use AI to create articles on various topics

  2. Social media content: Use AI to create captions, posts, and updates for different social media platforms

  3. Copywriting: Use AI to create marketing copy, such as product descriptions, email templates, and ad copy

  4. SEO content: Use AI to generate search-engine-optimized content to improve your website's ranking on search engines like Google

  5. Creative writing: Use AI to generate ideas, prompts, or even entire stories for a creative writing project




How to Choose the Right AI Content Generator Tool for You


  An AI content generator tool can save you time and improve your content quality. Here are some things to keep in mind when selecting the right tool for your needs:


  1. Ease of Use: Make sure the tool is easy to use and not complicated

  2. Content Quality: Check out the tool's samples to ensure it matches the tone and voice you're looking for

  3. Features and Templates: Make sure the tool offers the features and templates you need for your content

  4. Price and Free Trials: Consider the tool's price and if it offers a free trial or plan

  5. Reviews and Testimonials: Look for reviews and testimonials from other users to learn about their experiences

  6. Unique Content: Choose a tool that can produce unique and original content

  7. Multiple Users: If you have a team, select a tool that can handle multiple users simultaneously


  Remember to choose a tool that aligns with the type of writing you do. For example, if you're a blogger, look for a tool that offers templates and features for blog writing.






  After checking out the best AI content writing tools, you can now pick the one that suits your needs.


  Each tool has unique features and benefits that make it ideal for different uses. Some tools focus on generating certain types of content, like articles or social media posts, while others have features like SEO analysis and performance monitoring to help with content marketing.


  If you want a powerful and free AI content generator, Copy AI is a great choice. However, if you're willing to pay for a tool, Jasper is the best option.


  If you want to write content that shows up high on Google, SurferSEO is the best option for you. It's really strong and has lots of outstanding features. Now you can access SurferSEO for 30 days, you only need to pay $1 and an international Visa card.


  It's important to remember that AI writing generators are great tools, but don't rely on them completely for all your website's content.


  Always double-check your work for the best results, as AI-generated content might not always be coherent and could contain plagiarism.


  What hidden gems in the AI content writing tool world are we overlooking? Share your favorites!


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Ahmed Yasser is an Associate Product Marketing Manager at Stllr Network, driven by his passion for product innovation and growth. When he's not shaping the future of product marketing, Ahmed can be found exploring the world, indulging in his love for cycling, and immersing himself in diverse culinary experiences.

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