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The scope of what falls under “on page” has grown rapidly as SEO has progressed. It’s not enough to just change page titles and metas, we have to analyze the overall context and targeting of a page.

It’s our job to make sure every page delivers the proper experience for a given keyword search.

This pushes outside the scope of SEO (slightly) into technical and UX to make sure a page is optimized perfectly. 

What falls under scope of “on page”?

  1. Page titles, and metadata.
  2. Internal linking.
  3. Headings/subheadings.
  4. Structured data.
  5. Keyword usage or topical page targeting.
  6. The page delivers the right searcher (user) experience.

After the audit we will:

  1. Rewrite page titles.
  2. Rewrite meta descriptions.
  3. Make recommendations for internal links to add.
  4. Make recommendations to improve "body text" content
  5. Make recommendations for structured data.

*This package should not be activated without keyword research done.

*This package is limited to a number of URLs based on each website. 

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