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Your online presence is the new brick-and-mortar. If you aren't reaching customers online and don't have a proper presence with strong content that address your products/services benefits and enciourage your customers to convert, then you are leaving money on the table!

I will provide high-quality copywriting that become the key to converting more leads and sales. I am specialize in writing compelling, engaging content that will help increase traffic, gain leads, and give you a brand authority in your market. From simple page copy edits to brand new copy for full sites, I can be the best for this job!

I have amazing experience helping well known companies like Baker Hughes, Longe Black, Al Ghad TV, and

Unsure how many words to order? Here are my recommendations…

- Landing Pages/Sales Letters (750-2500+ Words)
- Product\service page (500-1000+ Words)
- Promo Emails/Solo Ads (300 Words)
- About Pages (300-450 Words)

Benefits of the service:

- High quality content (conversion & engaging).
- Unique and original content.
- Research process to write the content.
- SEO optimized content according to the standards of Google.
- Content that will help you rank your website in the first places of different search engines.

What you need to get started:

1.  Provide your current URL website (if you have)
2.  What is your website back-end tool?
3.  What is your website CMS (Content Management System)?
4. Provide at least 3 of your competitors' website URls

I am is so excited to help you stand out your copmany's website, increase traffic, & gain leads. Let's talk!

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