I will setup your social paid ads on any social media channel!

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Ahmed H.
Egypt, Daqahlia
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I've run and managed social media campaigns for established companies, startups, famous people, and even small businesses. I've implemented successful strategies to increase visitors, leads, and sales through different social media platforms. Now I am looking forward to helping more passionate companies to increase their profit and build sustainable growth from paid marketing activities with no fear to lose ads budget.


Who is this gig perfect for?

  • Small businesses or e-commerce wanting to improve their results and increase their CPR and ROI.
  • New businesses or e-commerce wanting to start expanding and getting more sales through social media ads.


In this gig I will:

  1. Setup data trackers needed (if you haven't set up them yet)
  2. Create social media campaigns on any platform
  3. Optimize daily
  4. Results reporting


Duration: 30 days

Let's start chatting before you purchase the package. Order my gig and set your business up for success!

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