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Motion Graphics & Animation
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Dina M.
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Motion Graphics & Animation
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About Dina:

I worked as a Graphic designer for almost 3 years and then I shifted my career to focus on Motion Graphics, So, I took "Aftereffects" course that helped me through the process & then I attended Motion Camp & it definitely improved my skills and my technicalities. At that time I was working at Premast. I made motion videos for them for almost 3 years & I'm proud I give them a hand in being more lustrous around the world!

About this package:

Dina is a professional and experienced with motion graphic designs for SaaS, websites, apps, and other online channels. She will help your customers understand your products\services in a seamless way and guide them through your conversion funnel. 

Package standard:

- You can decide which color & brand awarenes you want as a background in your animation.
- You can give 2 ideas on how the animation should be.
- You can even give a vector illustration image that can be animated in after effect.

Benefits of the service:

- Design effective user interfaces
-  Stand out from your competition
-  Improve your website engagement
-  Make your customer experien personalized
-  Tell your brand story via high-quality animation

What you need to get started:

1. Provide your Social Media accounts 
2. Provide your URL website (if you have)
3. Animation reference you prefer (if you have any)
4. Provide your brand assets (texts, brand colors, fonts, logo)

I am so excited to help you flourish your website & win your customers heart. Let's talk before you purchase!

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