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Abdallah s.
Egypt, Cairo
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I have 3 years of experience in media buying and have worked hard in many industries. I'm an expert in media buying strategy and paid ads, conversions, lead generation, and A/B testing.
Additionally, I have expertise in analysis, market research, growth reports, and digital marketing tools.
I have a good experience with eCommerce in many niches. I also have experience in advertising psychology and conversion rate optimization.
  • Create a media plan based on research and analysis of your business and niche.
  • Build ads growth funnel & conversion tracking system.
  • Plan and implement digital marketing activities and campaigns.
  • Monitoring of your KPIs and campaign implementation and reporting.
  • Relentless optimization of your campaigns and marketing budget.
  • Launch social media campaigns (Facebook - Instagram - LinkedIn - Twitter - Tiktok).
  • Launch Google Ads display and search campaigns.
  • Set up retargeting tracking pixels for Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Previous campaigns bid management optimizations.
  • Set up a proper tracking system for ads by (mention tools you will use like Google Analytics).

I'm ready to start with you immediately.

Send me your brand website or social media pages, So I can check them and schedule a call to discuss more about the brand.

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