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  • A marketing plan based on research and analysis of your business and niche.
  • Setup a proper tracking system for ads by (mention tools you will use like Google Analytics).
  • Setup retargeting tracking pixels for Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Previous campaigns bid management optimizations.
  • Build ads growth funnel & conversion tracking system.
  • Monitoring of your KPIs and campaign implementation and reporting.
  • Ad copywriting and optimization process for running campaigns.
  • Relentless optimization of your campaigns and marketing budget.
  • Choose from a huge variety of channels (Facebook and Instagram count as one).
  • Launch social media campaigns (Facebook - Instagram - LinkedIn - Twitter - Tiktok)
  • Launch Google Ads display and search campaigns.

Let's make a success story together.

Send me your brand website or social media pages, So I can check it, then send you a report about current performance and how we can improve it.

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