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What will we do?

Authentically establish your brand online through having the right conversation with the consumers by simply reflecting your brand positioning into your content.

Why is it important?

Nothing is more great than people getting to relate to your brand as if its a person.

What will you get?

Content strategy with content pillars stemming from the brand persona & core existence of the brand to let the people identify more personally with the brand & increase engagement. Perihan will also provide content for each content pillar (max.6 pillars).

Benefits of this service

-A clear tone of voice.

-A solid brand positioning.

-Increased engagement with the right target audience.

What i need to get started?

1.Brand strategy + brand persona

2.Company Profile

3.Brand's USP

4.Provide social media accounts links

5.Provide your URL website (if available)

Perry is eager to develop great content, plan your social media prescence & get you one step closer to your goals, chat with her now.

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